#588 – yes i remember

HEY you!! This was made by me and Lacey!!

78 thoughts on “#588 – yes i remember

  1. Amazing. I can die happy now.

  2. Oh god the little tear drop in her eye in the fourth panel. I feel like crying myself, well done :')

  3. Oh my god, Daria.

  4. John Zarian zarian


    No words they should have sent a poet!

    1. As one poet put it,
      "Came up in the 90s like CD-ROM,
      Came up in the 90s like sayin' 'the bomb'"

  5. OH GOD YES!

  6. I… think I'm getting a contact high…

  7. Oh my god.

    For people who's never read this comic book until now….This is gonna be a head scratcher.

  8. Oh no, now Hanna's gonna start posting images of "90's kids" stuff on all of her social networks!

  9. The smile on my face from this comic will not go away. Thank you

  10. Did NOT expect Jay Sherman in there

    1. Oh, wow, thanks for actually saying that. All I could see in that one was Jughead for some reason, and I had a feeling that couldn't be right…

  11. Why is Hannah not screaming horrifically at the Furby has she forgotten that Furbys are pretty much the devil with plastic eyes glued on them

  12. Doug? Don't mind if I do!

  13. Last panel: 90s people watching tv at 4am.

    Also, I love her little animated run!


    I love this comic.

  15. Some of these actually hit home for me. How old have I gotten?!

    1. Agreed. I've always thought of these characters as 5-10 years older than me. I think I just realized the gap might be more like 2-3 years.
      Well, I'm creeped out.

  16. Took me a second to recognize a Tamagotchi! I haven't seen one in many years =D

    1. THANK YOU!!!! I was wondering what the hell that thing is.

  17. Is the green slime a Nickelodeon reference? It is, isn’t it? I love this page so much.

  18. TR said:

    OMigosh! Well, she found a way to connect with her happy things/memories from the 1990s.

    I dunno if that is a totally GOOD thing!

  19. Oh holy creezus on toast that is some trippy animation.

  20. The last panel will be a classic gif. I can feel it.

    1. It is playing to the Nyancat music in my head now, and I can never erase it from my memory

  21. Doug. Dear god…DOUG FUNNIE.

    I guess this means Hanna's about my age.

  22. Is that…. Gak?

    It's Gak, isn't it?

    It's Gak.

    You're a little *too* good at this writing-thing.

    1. I think so. It maybe Gak.
      It could also be the buckets of green slime that Nickelodeon's TV show, "Figure It Out", dumped on people's heads.

  23. Ahhhhhhh! The emotional ups and downs of this comic have been great, but this here, this is really just fantastic. So many feels.

  24. Aww, bless. She's so young.
    Or I'm so old.
    Or both.

    1. OR NEITHER.

  25. And she speaks in fonts…! I've done that – in my weirdest fever dreams.

  26. Jesus it's beautiful

  27. Dammit, Hanna. You could've done drugs at home and saved yourself a trip…by having your trip at home. I don't really see why you had to inflict yourself on the museum patrons. Some of them took entire days off to be snobby in public.

  28. O Meredith and Lacey we are not worthy of this splendor

  29. So she's Running in the 90s?

  30. Oh man. She's on a NOSTALGIA TRIP.

  31. That is good weed. THAT is GOOD WEED.

  32. Man why have I never commented before I have been reading this for so many years and I feel like a weird silent spectator almost but SHIT, this is glorious. Thanks lots <3

  33. Every time Hanna steps near Daria I think, "You're standing on my neck." She really is!

  34. Omygod it's too much! Deploy nostalgia! Deploy nostalgia! D:

  35. This makes me want an animated OP show so badly.

  36. If only there were also music.

    1. Cue up "Green Hill Zone" from Sonic the Hedgehog and stare at the last panel. Thank me later.

    2. She's 'Running in the 90's', right? That's a song in itself.

  37. Please tell me the ending of the story-arc is not: "Hey actually the weed did work and it was all a dream"…

  38. Is she not on Tumblr? I get this bullshit nostalgia every day. Not always a bad thing, though. I actually like some stuff more now than before. Like Hey Arnold? I used to think it was super boring as a kid, but now I watch it, and it's so weird and real. It's great.

  39. Hannah noooo, this way lies madness. Soon you'll be writing weekly Cracked articles analyzing old episodes of Duckman or something!

  40. The Critic! Hooray!

    1. Oh man, The Critic was so ahead of it's time.

  41. Kids these days. They don't know. Kids these days.

  42. Balls. Hanna is trippin' them.

  43. This is just too good. TOO GOOD!!!!

  44. The dream of the 90s is alive in Hannah

  45. All that NOSTALGIA!!

  46. With these (awesome) psychedelic animations, I keep thinking "How could a print version ever do this justice?" Advantage: webcomics.

  47. This comic just made me have a baby, as a man.

  48. okay I recognize all the characters except the kid with the tall green hair. Could someone tell me who he is? All I can think of are those burger king kids…

    1. It's a troll.
      Those plastic naked dolls with giant colored hair and butt ugly pug faces.
      I don't know WHY the FUCK those things were so popular but they were EVERYWHERE even in places where they SHOULDN'T BE

      1. THANK YOU. Man I had one too, and I couldn't even tell you why. They were so ugly hahhaa

  49. Unbelievable. To go for a couple of years on this webcomic, and to be able to still pull next-level shit like this out of your hat… No wonder all the readers here are such enthusiasts.

  50. Every time I read this comic, I think of it as some brilliant TV show (animated or not) where Bomb The Music Industry's "25" is the theme song.

    And if this page were part of an episode, the background music would be all of the 90s show theme songs smushed together, with children's laughter pulsating softly underneath them all.

    1. Yessssss. Perfect theme song.

  51. I can't stop watching Hanna run.
    animated octopus pie 😯

  52. Troll doll??


  53. This. Is. Amazing.

    It would probably be more so if I was high, but it seems like every time I check in that way there aren’t any new updates.

    On another note I’m surprised to find that Hannah isn’t much older than me at the least.

  54. There is no way that this is weed. Did Hannah think there was merely weed in that brownie? There is definitely something else.

  55. Every time my friends and I begin to reminisce about being a child of the 90’s, this is pretty much what its like.

  56. Nobody's done the full list yet? Okay, here goes:

    Top Row:
    Homer Simpson
    Chuckie Finster (Rugrats)
    Jay Sherman (The Critic)

    Doug Funnie (Doug)

    Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Troll doll (this is Hannah; of course there are Troll dolls)

    Oh, and a Furby in the 2nd panel.

    I was 4-14 in the 90s. The only thing here I had to look up was Daria's last name. Maybe that's why there's no full list; we already know it.

    1. Im 6/8
      recognized Doug but didnt remember his name
      and was completely lost with Daria

      A lot of this carried on to the ougthies thats why must purported nineties kids claim this is their childhood

      born 1995 here
      totally too young to get the same nostalgia feels you guys are gettin

  57. All work and no play makes Hannah a dull girl.

  58. I get the feeling an earlier poster is right about that “painting” being a window. Specifically, I think Hanna jumped out a window, fell down a manhole, somehow landed softly, and is now skipping happily through the New York City sewer system.

  59. Everything about this is okay.

  60. I think these are my favorite pages in all of Octopus Pie. Madness, glorious madness.

  61. impressively as an English man i think i recognise everyone except the chap after chucky and before homer, who is is he ?
    P.S i love it, Keep up the good work

  62. ahh full circle

  63. If this isn't the 90s, I don't know what is!
    God, Daria? That show, man. That show.. You know what I'm sayin'.

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