#487 – there’s just no story

That's the end of this short but slow arc! Hope you liked it. I have some deadlines to meet this week on non-comic things, but next week there may be more comics than usual! I'll talk about that a little more when said comics appear.

2 thoughts on “#487 – there’s just no story

  1. …I like this guy.

  2. tulipsandbluebonnets

    I think the last panel was spoken by Eve. I really liked this short arc. It was fun and meta, and I liked how Eve really opened up and reflected about herself – I think that's what she meant when she said the guy knows her. I don't think it was that he knows her so much, he was just challenging her and yet also putting her in a tv trope box, but this encouraged her to share about who she is and defend her identity, which made her feel more known by him, when actually she was becoming more known to herself. I like how he stirred these things up for her, almost like a talking, frustrating Victor.

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