#475 – waddup dummy

I recently got a haircut very similar to Hanna's, so I tried it out on her too. It's very comfortable! Here's hoping the gay marriage bill passes in New York. As of this writing it sounds like things might turn out all right!

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  1. Hanna's haircut is the CUTEST.

  2. Fucking CALLED IT

  3. Hanna looks super sexy with that hair. I love it!

    1. It also makes her look more grown up somehow… or maybe it isn't the hair?

  4. That hair… Oh my God, I WANT it!! <3

  5. I like the look! And looks like it passed.

  6. now lets all get gay married

  7. What? No. No. FFFFFFF, I am so mad right now. Why did you cut your hair? Long hair > short hair on women. You had such pretty hair ;_;

    1. deal with it

      1. Yay! Meredith, Join the Sexy Short Hair Club with me! <3

    2. maaan, short hair's where it's at

    3. You have a rather one-track mind, good sir. You're kind of odd. <3 for you anyway.

  8. it did, it did! it passed! 🙂

    1. OK, what are you guys talking about o_O

      1. oh nothin just gay stuff

      2. The law allowing gay marriage in New York. They passed it today. 🙂

        1. Now EVERYONE can be miserable! 😀

  9. I was expecting somene who would produce more drama but I'm actually pretty okay with this too.

    1. me too. i was totally expecting it to be Marigold. kinda glad it wasn't.

  10. The Gay Marriage Bill passed!!!!!~

    Also, cute page, as always. <3

    1. All right, so THAT was it XD Great news! A big thumbs up for the State of New York ^^

      -but wait, this means that now Jane and Julie CAN!!! 8D

    2. If only we could do the same here in Sydney and everywhere else!

  11. Just wondering if the "Hannah takes the stairs" is a Freelance Whales reference to their song "Hannah"? If it is YOU JUST SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!! If not, you should check them out 🙂

    1. nope, it's the name of a movie from 2007 that I've never seen!

    2. I was wondering the same thing!! maybe they got the line from that movie?

      1. yeah, the whales liked the movie so much they wrote a song about it. they talk about it on youtube somewhere..

  12. Oh Will, you don't have any true friends in your line of business.

  13. I'm glad it's hanna. Anyone else would've caused way too much tension I wouldn't be able to handle

    Congrats New York on joining MA…7 years late, but better than never. Now, just dont pull a California.

  14. Am I the only one curious about how the haircut looks on Mer? God I'm such a sucker for faux messy hair >.<

    Also yay gay marriage bill! Who's progressive now California?!

    1. I posted a few pics on Twitter, would rather not on the site though

  15. I didn't see Hanna coming, but I guess it retrospect it would've made sense. Glad to see their friendship is healing.

    Also, The Bill passed 😀 (Eat your heart out fundamentalists)

  16. I'm actually even happier that it turned out to be Hanna on the roof. I was missing her. And her hair is cute!

  17. alt text: wonderful movie. It's rare to see a reference.

  18. Aww Hanna's new hair is sooo adorable 😀

    I'm glad she's over what happened between Will and Marigold. 🙂 She seems to have a different… feel to her. I wonder what's happened since we last saw her? :O

  19. love love LOVE her hair, omfgggg
    I was starting to miss her, too.

  20. NY State – not so much 'late', but FABULOUSLY late.
    And Hanna, YAY!

  21. Gotta get this off my chest…been building a long time. I -FUCKING -LOVE -SCRUFFY-Will. ( Hard to believe he's not real) and I'm a dude!! I cant believe I'm alone on that. … If I was a Brooklyn comic character, I would so go to his parties. get high, trade music, philosophies of life, tequila, and see what happens. …a lonely scruffy mans got needs…Will Lovers of the World…UNITE!
    Meredith, you are a talented woman. I believe your vast skills in characterization , would translate easily to other genre's ( novels, film.. ) . and Thank-you for coming back to a regular schedule.

  22. After writing the above, i realized i know most of Will through his interactions with others. —Which highlights your skills as a writer. But we know of Eve and Hanna also through a vast interior life. It's my humble fan request to see more of the interior Life of Will as well. I have a ridiculous amount of confidence that you truly get and feel this character, and that nothing you add to him will detract to the authenticity you have already created. Scruffily Yours ,

  23. Random question…
    what colour is Aimee's hair? I always pictured her as a brunette for some reason. but for all i know it could be platinum blonde. Also I always used to picture her talking with a french accent because i read her first line EVER (bumping into will in the train) "pardon" as…pardon. like french. and her name seems french, no?

    1. I always saw her as a blonde girl with no accent, not even valley girl. But I thought she would look cute as a brunette so I am dying to know what it is too!

  24. So glad to see Hanna and not Eve there. Also good to see that she got over being upset with Will because he broke-up with Marigold.

    On a different note, after the first few comics with hand-written dialog, I was wondering whether the messiness would distract, but now the hand-writing looks so clean, and there are a lot of little things about it that I like. For example, the different sizes of the text in Hanna's dialog in panel eight, and the way the text of "rubbish" is sort of rounded, which for some reason makes me imagine Hanna saying it with a British accent.

    Also, loving this story episode.

    "What if I came up to you at a party and asked you to learn a bunch of shit for me?"

  25. I love how Hanna always adoringly calls Will sketchy. It fills me with glee for almost no reason.

  26. Words cannot actually express how much I ADORE Hanna's new haircut. It honestly reminds me of John Lennon a little bit, especially in the ninth panel.

    Sooo happy to see her again. ♥ I was starting to miss her.

  27. Nice haircut Hanna

  28. Since Hanna's hair has been well-established as "rad as hell" in these comments, I just wanna mention that her wide neck shirt is also cute as a button.

  29. Umm, right, nice to see you… okay!
    peace! I gotta get back to… umm, what I was doing. Yes. Bye!!!

  30. SQUEE! I totally missed Hanna! Was wondering when she'd pop up again xD

  31. I have the same haircut… I feel like a nerd~<3

  32. Aw. This friendship. <3

  33. "Life and the Earth's rotation and shit" made me smile, you're good at satirizing cliche quips. Good with wordplay in general, really.

    Also sorry if this is the wrong place to comment but I was on Hark a Vagrant! and I saw some of your sketches on there, with the strong female leads. The whole thing was HILARIOUS. I thought the chick with goggles looked like Hannah, and then upon reading discovered it was a collaboration, and what a collaboration it was!

    p.s. your understanding of the female figure disgusts me.

    1. well, she is a female…?

  34. This wait is making me angry at Will for not getting back downstairs pronto. The roof will always be there, Hanna can wait…

  35. I LOVE HANNAS HAIR. cute cute cute.

  36. hannah takes the stairs and i usually take the elevator, and every know and then she offers me a lemon Now and Later.

    ps: love this comic. that is all. thank you

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