#476 – lie to me

This story's almost over! Just 2 more pages. Then I'm going to be doing some one-shots for a while, which I think will be more fun to follow while I'm updating at a slower pace. Have a good weekend!

49 thoughts on “#476 – lie to me

  1. Those last 2 panels = the definition of adorable.

  2. I got a new Octopus Pie strip for my birthday! Simply awesome!

    1. Adorable, perhaps, also slightly creepy…

  3. He turned down the cigarette so he wouldn't have bad breath for aimee and that's how hanna knew he had a girl back in his room….right? 🙂

    1. you got it 😀

      1. That’s brilliant. Seriously.

      2. goddamn meredith you good!

      3. Agh, I was SURE it was cause she felt his boner when they hugged!
        And now I'm creepy.

        1. No, I thought boners too.

          I… I guess that doesn't make either of us any less creepy. But you're not alone.

        2. Also, the crease in his jeans when he's sitting kind of makes it look like a boner too.

        3. dude, that's just jeanis. it happens to everyone.

        4. oh my god… I've never heard that term before. I love it!!

    2. Clever girl. I just didn't think Will smoked. Or I should be more aware of smoking before macking it with girls.

    3. I thought he just didn't want to get lung cancer.

  4. Was that a slap, or a grab, or a slap-grab? Cute. Been there. 🙂

  5. Hanna's psychic. That's how she knew. Come on, people.

  6. Hanna's so scary D:

    1. I love it love it love it. I love it when someone is really confident in their abilities because they really do have them. I hate it when people are but they don't really have it. But when they are and they have it, man… I love that. It's so charming.

      I don't think they last two panels are adorable. I think they are hypnotizing and glorious. I love love love someone who says things like that — but only if it's true. Not if they are some yutz with too much faith in himself. That's no good.

      But she's convincing. I buy it. And I guess that's because I know she's right. Man: glory.

  7. Great subtle addition of backstory. And I giggled at the last part, it reminded me of Snowy Patrol, "Y'know, you're really fucking hard to lie to!"

    Great strip.

  8. Somber moment in the middle row…

    and then back to some derpy hanna and will action at the end!

    Excellent pacing, i love it!

  9. oh, the ciggarettes. I immediately looked to see if Will had a boner.

  10. Fwah. These guys are probably my favorite OP characters

  11. That last panel is perfection.

  12. Those last two panels start off as d'aww and then got a bit D8. Hanna do you know that sometimes you are a bit creepy? This is a true thing.

  13. I thought, maybe it was sex hair…

  14. Guess who was dumb and actually turned his monitor over?

    This guy.

    1. ?nb s??? pu?

  15. I really like how you did Hanna's body language there. Kinda closed-off.

  16. Aw geez hurry the fuck up, Will! Am I the only one that's biting my nails off waiting for Aimee to have disappeared?

  17. I hope I'm not the only one who tried turning their monitor upside down. >.>

  18. As much as it can be said about a comic character, I didn't really find Hanna all that attractive up til now. The hair really did it. Now lemme shutup before Marek chokes me and hides the body in his beard.

  19. A REN & STIMPY kind of moment there at the end…

  20. Middle-right panel, upward glance.

  21. yay i'm counting the last panel as my birthday present even if i did read this a day late :B

  22. The play between the characters, not just in this chapter but across all Octopus Pie, is extraordinarily well judged and adds both a flavour and delicate grace to the story which I can only dream of emulating. It's just marvelous.

  23. Hanna's expression in the last two panels reminds me of a chimp's (which is a good thing, by the way; it makes her look cheeky :D). Meredith, you great people-face-drawer you!

  24. I love the ninth panel – beautifully atmospheric.

  25. I love Hanna. She's not creepy, she's just DIFFERENT. I mean, she's never boring :p

  26. Who cares about the boning, I want to know more about this cooking thing, and why Hannah seems to dread the idea. I usually think of her as the one getting people to try new things, so there must be some interesting backstory here…

  27. Will's smoking habit must be pretty bad if the only time he doesn't want to smoke is when there is a woman waiting for him in his bed.

  28. How did Hanna know? When Will said, "I wouldn't expect anything else" in panel 6.

    1. Totally didn't think of that! I automatically assumed he meant the "anything else" in terms of her lending him money/employing him in her business, as she's in probably the most financialy secure job of their circle, she's been friends with him for ages and she's the most aware of his 'sketchiness'.

      Clearly I'm just incredibly naive!

  29. am i alone in thinking will and hanna used to be a thing back when they were cooking together?

    1. Nope – First comic of "GO Team Willary" seems to insinuate this even more – Hanna in the background with a sad face and Will looking sulky.. ruff breakup? In Hanna's own words; they "go way back"…

    2. oh, of COURSE! So that's why he says "I wouldn't expect anything else." I was wondering what else he could expect, and now it makes sense. That and why Will was trying to deny there being a girl in his room, and how Hanna always knows why he's lying, because they had a relationship once. DUH!

    3. panel 5 and 6 just screams that they had a bad relationship once upon a time.

  30. richard schumacher

    Uhh… Because Will wasn't wearing his mouth guard?

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