#474 – what is it

Ahhh comic! I'm back from LA! It was such a wonderful trip. Unfortunately I hit the ground running with work, and it took all week to get a page out. But forget that. More soon!

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  1. Yay comic!

    And yay for Will's personal growth. The awkward restraint of harm-causing impulses is a step forward if I ever saw one. Either that or a couple neurons shorted out.

  2. I keep looking at Will's face in panel 2 and cracking up.

    1. And his pupils going all cat-eye in the third? Excellent.

      1. Shades of Ren trying to suppress the urge to bludgeon Stimpy after yet another mindless question.

    2. Really? That expression brings me nothing but horror. Nobody should force looking that pleasant. It's just disturbing.

    3. Oh boy yeah XD The whole sequence had me practically rolling on the floor. That stay-cool-don't-kill-anyone face… priceless!!

  3. Will's second panel angersmile. So good. Also… Eve?



    1. I bet it's no one. I bet Cody is moving in for the kill, which will make the girl run away.

  5. I think panels 1-3 are more terrifying than any time I have ever seen Will do anything ever. I think I was legitimately scared for Cody's health and well-being.

    1. But also, fantastic job BTW, as always.

    2. Really? I think the first 3 panels are the most adorable I've ever seen Will. Even if it's obvious he's furious. Adorbs.

    3. Mmm. True.
      Calm before the storm.
      "Please choose your next words wisely as they decide the fate of your kneecaps."
      If they were even remotely along the lines of "so, about that deal" it'd be straight jackets and squad cars by panel 6.

  6. I hope it's Eve. Maybe they're not right for each other, but part of me wants them to be together.
    And I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip!

  7. The second panel is the most perfect depiction of the disguised rage face. Behind that grin lies a huge urge to kill, and we can feel that from behind the screen.

    Excellent! 😀

  8. eve =D perfect timing!

    or maybe it will be america jones, and surprise everyone.

    1. Have you been re-reading too? ^_^ It's one of my favourite arcs! I wish I could type her name in the sparkly word-art way that appears whenever someone says it.

      Clearly your taste in comix is as good as your songwriting, Mr John.

    2. America Jones…I have to admit, that'd be a pretty good twist. Not sure where it'd go though.

      1. mayhaps its Marigold and we're getting a double dose of personal growth?

    3. Eww, no please 😛

    4. Has he even met her before?? 😮

  9. Went to visit the land of Cody eh? Glad you had a good vacation!

  10. If it is indeed Eve, someone foresaw this in the last comic, so congratulations on the prediction um… Yam.
    That said, I think maybe IT'S BERTILAK AND THIS IS ANOTHER TEST!!!

    1. Oh my god, now I hope YOU'RE right.

    2. That will be EPIC! Since in the lastest storylines I haven seen more drama than comedy if Bertilak re-appeared, that will make me very happy. Some comedy of the old octopus pie school <3

    3. It'd be a complete non-sequiteur. The epic kind, that is.

      Bertalik still holds the record for the greatest amount of completely batshitcrazyawesome facial expressions in one story arc.

  11. I hope it's a DEA stakeout.

  12. I'm going to disagree with everyone's predictions so far and say it's Marigold. Just to absolutely kill his evening.

  13. His pose in panel three could've easily turned into a karate death move if Cody was bothering him for bullshit reasons.

    1. Shit. YOU'RE RIGHT.

  14. For a moment I saw Cody's nose as a mouth. That was quite bizarre.

  15. Everest Ning in da house!

  16. I'm guessing it's Marigold. She's been gone even longer than Eve.

  17. Oh God…

    This is NOT going to end well.

  18. What's with the alt text?

    1. Some forums have a popcorn-eating smiley as an option. It gets used when drama is about to go down, as a way of saying "sit back and enjoy the show folks!"

      1. Oh, wow.. that was pretty useful info 😀

  19. Obvious love of Will's face aside, I would also like to make my love known for the story of his hands and shoulders in panels 2-4.

  20. the question statement, the calm before the storm

  21. panels 2 & 7… the face of a man on the brink

  22. Best, most accurate facial expressions in any webcomic I've ever read, period. The first three panels spoke to me.

    1. I love Will's unitentional(?) lizard eyeslits.

    2. I agree, those first panels are so expressive. It's awesome!

  23. First three panels: absolute brilliance. Dang. DANG.

  24. Or maybe it's former dreadlocks girl! We are so Eve-centric, we forget other people.

  25. I love how clearly the first three panels read like an animation. It is perfect. And hysterically funny.

  26. Will appears to be doing an impression of Rocky from Lackadaisy

    1. I thought that too!!

  27. Will is a solid character and I like this storyline. 🙂

  28. have to say i really dug the penultimate panel

    1. me too! and the angling of that last panel that makes it feel like he's drifting upstairs.

  29. Oh yeah. This page looks just fantastic. Is it for sale? :O

  30. It's frighteningly amazing how calm Will is in this strip. Also, anyone want to place odds that it is Eve looking for him, and she wants to give a relationship one more try?

    1. Now is this a hunch or just wishful thinking?

  31. please be eveeee

  32. Also, Will is terrifying in the first 3 panels.

  33. I just want to say that you have a way of drawing gestures that nearly animates the comic. Will’s hands in the 2nd and 3rd panels are such a familiar gesture and in such an appropriate context that I can’t help but see them moving.
    Long story short I think you’re amazing.

  34. If you don't lete me have this either I'll… I'll… cry, probably.

    Meredith, please, think of the children! Lett Will hav some small happiness,..

  35. It'll probably be a red herring and be marigold or something.

  36. Ahh, the pessimist in me is thinking that even if it is Eve, Will's going to be all wanting to stay with Aimee. No place on earth he wants to leave less? That's a very bold statement…

  37. Those… those reptilian eyes!

  38. We're expected to conclude that Eve has come to cock block Will. So I suspect that Meredith will throw us a curve ball and have the "girl" actually be Will's mother.

    You heard it here first.

  39. I think its a ruse from Cody so he could get alone with Aimee.

  40. Aves Project Ideas

    Will's expressions panels 1-3 might be your personal Mona Lisa.

  41. I feel that the past few pages with Will's expressions have been gold. Now that the idea has been put out there, I'm going with Marigold. I'd be happy to see it be Eve as well. Whatever the results, I'm excited for the next page.


  43. The alt text says smileyeatingpopcorn.jpg so I thought it might be an easter egg on OP… But I can't find it. WHAT IS WITH THIS CRYPTIC MEANING!?

    1. it's got me stumped too… D:

  44. First three panels are very JtHM.

  45. Alright Cody's A-ok! yesssssssss

  46. Prediction: it's "borough trash" girl, looking to score some weed.

    Meredith, you're KILLING us here!

  47. Betcha it's MARIGOLD darn tootin

  48. Shit is about to get real.

    1. Quickly, we must pose as a team!

  49. It’s my birthday so, I’m going to hope it’s Eve, despite my knowing it’s wishful thinking on my part. Nothing would make me happier than those two crazy kids getting together.

  50. Prediction: It's Hanna. I mean, she's pretty much the deuteragonist in this comic, and she was always Will's friend from the start as opposed to Eve. Plus, aren't they still business partners?

    1. But Hanna is mad with Will at the time because he dump Marigold. "Will can jump in a lake", that's what she said. She didn't care if Will was doing fine… : (

  51. Gotta say, I'm excited to see who the cockblock is. Maybe its his mom. 😡

  52. My guess is it's Marigold… or I dunno, maybe Hanna just wanted to talk or buy pot or something.

  53. Just look at the pictures for the first four panels backwards. It's pretty creepy! :O

  54. your art style these last few months is amazing. i don't know if you're just trying a new thing, or if this is just a natural evolution and improvement in your skill, but i love it. the expressions, the body language: it's really really great.

  55. Huge….eyebrows

  56. omg, second panel! I can't stop laughing!

  57. I keep checking for a new comic so I've seen this many times, and Will's face, especially in 2 and 3, makes me laugh out loud every single time.

  58. Panels 2 and 3 are probably the greatest things ever.

    Amazing comic, love.
    I started reading a week ago and I cried a little when I got all caught up. Looking forward to the next update.

    Keep up the awesome work 🙂


  59. Gran. I think I have to cosplay as Freaky Nice Will for SDCC.

  60. Maybe it's Hanna?

  61. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Please don't be Marigold… Or Eve. I just bought and re-read the first volume and I love Aimee!

    Stop ruining my happiness 🙁 Don't go bein' a Joss Whedon, now!

  62. I think learning more about Aimee would reveal she has her troubles like any other girl or guy – but keeping her from being known so well – especially past the current stage with Will – would keep her in the "idealized and therefore unobtainable" category. The one that's full of imagined joy and pain, sometimes keeping us from dealing with the real ones.
    Let me ask, show of hands or other – does Aimee seem like she really wants to know Will or, really wants to forget someone else?

  63. Since everyone thinks it's going to be Eve, I'm going to call the girl being either Marigold or Hannah. I'm expecting a strange interaction to occur next strip regardless of who it is though.

  64. Uh oh, it's probably Eve! And then Aimee is gonna end up having some bad timing…

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