#473 – it’s cody

Folks, I'm going away to Los Angeles today for some overdue vacation time. It's been years since I traveled without business obligations, and I'm so glad to finally be doing it. I will return to you late next week with a spotty tan and some more comics!

111 thoughts on “#473 – it’s cody

  1. ze almighty cawk blawk. hope will kills the little twerp!

  2. 4th and 5th panel Will = Perfect.
    Also, this is kind of a cliffhanger for me. xD

  3. Cody… Are you just going to attempt to ruin Will's life in every way possible? Because if so this is going to be amusing. Although I will feel bad for Will…

    1. it's not really ruining his life – if two people really wanna get jiggy, they're going to find the time and place to get jiggy regardless of the Codys of the world.

    2. I feel bad for his imminent blue balls.

  4. If you’re going to LA then I suggest that you stay in Venture County at night. The hotels give you more quality (and bedbug-freeness) than the ones in LA.

  5. at first i was like 😀
    but then i was like >:U

    also oh my goodness, this comic is amazing.

  6. Thank you, Cody.
    As much as I want Will to be happy, keep him away from that woman.

  7. Oh god. That was the last straw. Will is going Defcon 1. Run for the hills!

    1. I haven't been reading long enough to really get the relationships, but… good God yes… I hope he does.

  8. Keep it together Will, just get rid of him quietly, don't freak out your lady …

  9. OMG, she is such a sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

    1. Um, im pretty sure eve has slept with waaay more guys and in a smaller lapse of time. So no not a slut, just maybe confused

      1. To be honest, I don't know why Eve slept with that lumber-jack looking barista. I mean, I have a beard too, but that guy just seemed like "… eh…" overall.

        1. as an awesome canadian, I DECLARE THIS,NOTMARKFLYNN,–HERESY!!!

    2. Agreed, it is wrong and bad for women to want to have sex, and we should shame and label them for it. Every woman should be a virgin. And have like 15 kids, too.

      1. Americans. I had sex with 15 people before coffee this morning. Other Swedes regard me as a prude. True story.

        1. I can completely understand this. I've been to Sweden and those guys are haawwwttt and usually shirtless.

        2. Though less so in the winter months, I'm guessing. Unless they've got really strong constitutions.

        3. So true. The Scandinavians know what's what.

        4. A+ lols

      2. How can that post be recognized as a joke but not my earlier one?

        1. Comedic sensibility. His post had it. Your post didn't.

        2. Jeez, sorry, that other post came out harsher than intended.

          Basically, there wasn't anything signalling ironic intent, so we (I, at least) couldn't tell you were joking. I'm glad you were, though!

        3. Poe's Law

        4. I assumed that it was a joke because I thought that Octopus Pie readers were nicer than that.

          I guess lack of tone in text strikes again.

      3. Exactly. A woman expressing sexual interest is quite obviously a "slut" and no one can deny that there is something wrong with her. On a completely unrelated note, Will is awesome for getting laid!

        1. See, THAT is how you make that joke.

      4. Why just 15??? >:(

  10. and then cody comes in and asks will for weed or something ans aimee doesn't like him anymore sorry I spoiled the ending for you folks!

  11. Um, this is really embarrassing. I don't have time to backtrack and find out, but I can't actually remember who Cody is (I'm pathologically bad at names). Can one of you lovely people do the world's quickest summary for me to jog my memory?!! I'm really sorry!

    1. It's Larry's cousin, who he just met in this story arc. The guy who wanted to buy weed from him at the party.

      1. Thanks :). Wow, that was really, really dumb of me. I can’t really remember who Aimee is or how she got introduced to the comic either, but I’m rollin’ with it…

    2. or just go back one strip

  12. ooooooh shit. OOOOOOOOOOH SHIT. Popcorn time.

  13. Don't do it Will! Yer excessive anger has messed things up with this girl before!

    1. Do it Will! Beat him half to death with a helmet like last time!

      1. Now your just being silly. HE has no helmet! He'll have to use that drawer.

  14. Dammit will – focus on the task at hand!

  15. Jeffrey H. Wasserman

    Enjoy California. But with all of our sun and heat, you could be getting a tan out at Coney Island!

  16. Have fun, hope it is not as hot out there as it is here on the east coast. Unless that is you like the heat ^.^

    1. Don't worry… it's all about June Gloom out here right now. So if she was hoping to get some sun, she'll probably be disappointed!

      Hope you enjoy your vacation here in my homeland! If you, uh, want to tour a homeless shelter on Skid Row, I can TOTALLY hook you up. Not that you do. But, actually, it's kind of neat… Um, let me know. Or, you know, don't.

  17. I'm pretty alright. Just about to take a shower. Thanks for asking!

  18. I think your going to be a witness.

  19. Happy Vacationing! May your new freckles form a most favorable pattern!

  20. One of the things I've always loved about this comic is how expressive the characters' expressions and postures are – how you can feel what they are without even reading (or sometimes needing!) a single word – and this particular arc has only stepped it up in that regard. Keep up the incredible work! (?o?)?
    (Also, the lettering really feels like it meshes seamlessly with the art now. Props.)

  21. Wow, it's like that twerp is TRYING to be a pain in the ass.

    You might want to turn around before you "witness" anything Aimee, Bad cop can be a pretty brutal interrogator.

  22. Be civil, Will. BE CIVIL.

  23. Oh you tease! I want to know what happens. 🙂
    Have a fantastic vacation though!

  24. This comic rarely makes anyone a “bad guy”, I get the feeling Cody is knocking on his door for a legitimate reason. I’m not going to guess any further than that.

    Also, for the alt text: I’m doing great, feeling better than I have in a while, and it finally feels like summer! Thanks for asking, and enjoy LA.

  25. murder time.

  26. Hahahahah, I hope he's interrupting because Eve is here! 😀

    1. That… you… wow, didn't even think of that. That would be incredible.

      1. I fully support this.

  27. Hey, coming down to my neck of the woods? You should come by and have margaritas with Cody and me.

    BTW, it's pretty gloomy out here today, so I wouldn't worry too much about the tan if this weather persists. 😉 Sunny California, my ass.

    1. Never mind, sun just came out. Enjoy!

  28. uh oh is this where will beats the shit out of someone and she leaves like last time

    also his face is glorious in the second to last panel

  29. Those eyebrows!! And emotions! That Will!! I swoon.

  30. Best Will-face EVA!! in panel 8 😀

  31. "hey man the party is over, so you are like, back on business hours, right?"

    Seriously though, I'm afraid Cody has some really bad news. Those tiny letters do not bode well.

    Also, am I the only one who doesn't really see how Cody is bad? I mean, him asking to buy from Will would be kind of annoying, I guess, but beyond that I don't really see what he is doing wrong. Will being completely furious about Cody the whole time, however, makes me think he's just being an ass. Though I'm still a kid and have no knowledge of social things. So…

    1. Will has definite potential for being an ass when he wants to. Moody little guy.

    2. Look at Cody's track record from Will's perspective:

      Will mildly turned him down earlier, and rather than respect his stance, Cody persisted, and that is VERY unsettling for some people. Then, the only person that shows up to the party whom Will invited, who is also probably the one he knows the least, gets hit on by the same dude. That's two for disrespecting. I mean, how many girls were at that party? More than one, I'm guessing. Will obviously wants her and Cody thinks it's fair game. Then his third strike is a cock block.
      So for first impressions, this has gotta go down as one of the worst. Cody might not be bad, but he's obviously a selfish douche, and to some people that warrants an ass beating.

      1. Hmmn. I suppose. I think Will's just too quick to anger here. His furious-face only came when Cody announced himself – as if someone else would have been okay. And every member of the Octo-cast has been selfish douches at times. Either way, I just can't feel the hate for Cody. Seems over-critical. I can get mild contempt, though, but Will always did have a rather short temper.

        Monday we will either see a major ass-whuppin or something really bad – bad enough to call off Will's raging.

        1. Nah, I completely understand Wil here. Cody being immature might be completely unintentional, but it's also been consistently annoying the shit out of him in the most obvious ways. It's okay to be angry at someone for being an idiot because they're responsible for that too.

    3. No, I had this thought when he was introduced. It's not unreasonable to expect a drug dealer to do his job at a party. It is pretty goddam stupid to knock on his door and expect to do business after he's just invited a lady into his room, however.

      1. I remember seeing your comments on that strip and I can see your perspective, although I think the combination of Will's potential for being an ass alongside the fact that he just seems to be in a low place, down, irritable and aggravated makes it makes sense I suppose. I also guess he really views it as more of a 9-5 day job type thing I guess. Being around people like Larry and Cody probably don't help none.

      2. Me not think it good idea to do massively criminalized thing like sell drug in public, well, semi-public like party. Never know who be there.

  32. Also been meaning to add — this strip feels VERY Octopus Pie-esque.

  33. How come Victor gets a spot on the cast page but Amiee doesn't?

    1. I haven't had a chance to update it yet B(

  34. don't question Victor

  35. Panel three: that wonderful pose that speaks devotion, lust, affection and comfort! It's far too sweet!

    Bravo. =]

  36. They say that a person's rage-face and sex-face is the same face. Just sayin'.

  37. I love Will's "Que?" face in panel six. Cody, you better run, son.

  38. Aw hell, Cody. Looks like your cruisin' for a bruisin'

  39. Aw hell, Cody. Looks like you're bleatin' for a beatin'.

  40. Aw hell, Cody. Looks like your blabbin' for a stabbin'.

    1. I think he might be yappin' for a slappin'.

      1. Oooh! That one is quality. I'm gonna have to write that down so I don't forget it.

  41. Aw hell, Cody. Looks like your achin' for some leg breakin'

  42. Aw hell, Cody. Looks like your oratin' for some hatin'

  43. Aww hell, Cody. Looks like you're caterwaulin' for a keelhaulin'

    1. you're my favorite commenter

    2. Obviously the winning entry.

  44. idonthaveacoolname

    Ha, I feel so bad for Will. Also, I'm good, thanks. How are you?

  45. Let fury have the hour anger can be power! And we know that Will can use it!

  46. Ok, I get it Will. Totally do. You're in the moment. But a simple "go away!" would suffice. Seriously. For a dealer of depressants, Will can be pretty high strung.

    1. That convo through a door at a party never works:

      Cody: "Will? It's Cody."

      Will: "Go away!"

      Cody: "What?"

      Will: "Go. A. Way."

      Cody: "…what?"

      Will: [angrily] "GOAWAY!!! "

      Cody: "It's ok?"

      Will: [now enraged] GOOO AYEWAAAYEEE!

      *Cody enters* "You said it was ok to come in, right?"


      Besides, Cody sucks and I'd like to see him beaten.

  47. Will is gonna beat Cody to death with his boner.

  48. if i ever meet a cody, i'll be sure to dropkick him…
    for will's boner.

  49. I am praying for the follow-up to this strip to feature another animated panel in which Will feeds Cody his teeth.

  50. *Holds his breath. Just holds his breath* O____O

  51. Precision cock block executed flawlessly

  52. I hope you enjoy your vacation, Meredith! Funny thing is my boyfriend's leaving for LA (i.e., "home") tomorrow himself! Coincidences! They make my life interesting, I think!

    Anyway, Aimee's >:( face is just too cute. Hnngh.

  53. Wait a minute, does Aimee know that Will sells weed? If she doesn't, I can't help but wonder how she'll react to that. Eve sure as hell didn't approve of Will's line of work.

  54. Srsly, though. What could Cody *POSSIBLY* want right now? It's a party and they're in a bedroom. Figure it out, brah!

  55. I can't wait the whole weekend to see this resolved! Grah. But that is why I read this comic.

  56. will the next strip include an animation involving violence

    because ain't gonna lie, it is currently what i expect and desire

  57. God… thanks the web came back safely.
    When I saw database error I almost had an heart attack!

  58. But I really really reeeeally want to see cody get his face broken.

  59. Who the Hell is Cody? Fine thanks. Just finished reading from the beginning now.

  60. Can't complain.
    So. Laundry, huh?

  61. I how Aimee goes from annoyed by the interruption to taken aback by Will's absolute fury.

    1. Not like she hasn't seen the results of Will's wrath before.
      This ain't no Renaissance Faire, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around…

  62. I'm still hoping that somehow Cody isn't a douche but I think I'm rooting for Sisyphus here

  63. First panel, second line – Will’s hands working at her dress (bra?), frozen in mid-action: nice touch.

  64. Will, you have so many anger issues! Lol

  65. Severely disappointed that Cody doesn't get his limbs torn off in the next page…

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