#472 – completely separate world

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  1. wonderful comic. i like your linework and expressions. they tell a story without words, you've always hit that well.

  2. This still, small voice in my head, whispering: "… Getcher hands OFF him!"

  3. I am SO in love with Aimee… BUT, what if her troubles assimilating are to do with her being a user or a klepto or a sociopath or something like that? (Seriously, even in New York, wouldn’t “really pretty” open a lot of doors?) More here than (very pleasantly) meets the eye, I bet.

    Aside from that, this is a particularly beautifully rendered strip. It’s amazing to watch you constantly upping your game.

  4. Worst feeling in the world. New town, no friends, seems like no hope.

    1. Man, it is my favorite feeling in the world. I LOVE "new city" that's why I have done it seven times. Time to do it again…

  5. oh man. this reminds me of middle school. and high school. and freshman year. I move too much.

  6. I …don't like her… and I don't know exactly why.

    1. Because, like many of us, you are secretly crushing on Will and want him all to yourself?

      Er, I mean… I've HEARD some people feel that way… sometimes… maybe.

    2. Maybe because she's being SO earnest and straightforward you can't help thinking she must be secretly up to something? At least, that's the feeling I'm getting.

      1. It's unusual and refreshing for someone to be so completely honest in OP. I mean, our heroine wouldn't feel right if she wasn't constantly troubled. It's a wonderfully executed role-reversal and it's part of the reason why I adore this comic.

    3. There are two possible diagnosis:
      1) Will/Eve syndrome
      2)Post Jack paranoia

      1. I'll go with the Post Jack Paranoia… After all, she betray Will at the ren faire.

    4. I like her ex-boyfriend though. I really do. I want to see more of Bert.

    5. I'm reading through this comic for the first time, so no spoilers please. But I don't like her either, and it's because I've experienced this kind of female fowardness and easiness many times before and it never ends well. In my experience, girls/women act like this when they're desperate for attention, not when they're interested in something serious with you. They throw themselves at you and make themselves completely available and easily accessible for you, and then as soon as they get what they want from you, they drop you and move on.

      That's the vibe I'm getting from her here.

  7. Is anyone else having trouble seeing the very bottom of the strip? Or is it just my computer? And if so, would someone tell what Aimee's two little speech bubbles near the bottom in panel's 6 & 7 are? Kthnx.

    1. "They've already got lives," and, "It doesn't feel right."

    2. It's your computer.
      Panel 6: "They've already got lives"
      Panel 7: "It doesn't feel right.

    3. I wonder why that is. Images are cached every 24 hours; maybe you can load it today?

      let me know if it happens again!

  8. Aimee's eyes in the eighth panel absolutely mirror that emotion.

  9. oh aimee! don't be that girl that comes fresh to the city and immediately falls in with a boy after falling out with another. you gotta find some buds first, girlfrand!

  10. Can I say I'm glad you changed it to "It'll get easier."?
    I really like where you're taking this story, I'm excited to read the rest.

  11. It's nice to see romance, and pretty little Aimee, back in the Octopus Pie universe

  12. 🙁 I know how she feels.

    Also Mary? That's not true. Aimee's been into Will for awhile now! Don't you remember "Renaissance Unfair?" :c

    Also yeah, that ain't happenin'. Can't help what the heart feels! DX

  13. Oh btw, Meredith. The handwritten dialog looks pretty fabulous! You've really gotten the hang of it! 🙂

    1. I agree; it's looking snazzy these days.

  14. i like the blackout in the last three panels. really symbolic.

    also i love this woman i hope she isn't an awful person like everyone else expects her to be

    1. After what she did to him at the Renaissance Fair, why wouldn't we have those expectations?

      Though… I take it she would be a good, sincere girlfriend because she tricked Will FOR her boyfriend at the time.

  15. yeah… it's definitely Aimee Mann

  16. Looking back, Im not sure I was on team Will till todays comic.

  17. That DOES sound amazing right now. Lucky Will. Why does he always seem so angry, though?

    1. Yeah, in the last panel he looks like he's ready to punch her face in. Not a good sign.

      1. He's thinking about how much he hates this party, and being somewhere else (Alone, free of potential Larry + Clone swoop in and/or dumb buddies) and being detached would be awesome right now.

        1. Also, he seems pretty pissed off that none of his friends turned up.

        2. I think he is just trying to subdue a boner… thinking about baseball or something.

        3. Ya, that's definitely it.

    2. I don't see angry, I see determination.

  18. People have commented on the other stuff, so I'll just say: great writing. The last couple panels are very clever, but somehow it doesn't seem forced or calculated–I guess just well-set-up by the previous.

    And I'll always have a sweet spot in my heart for Will & Aimee, even if I ship WEve.

    1. "…then I saw her face, Now I'm a WillEve-er…"

      (I'm really sorry)

      Definitely in agreement about the writing -it seems natural but never in a lazy way or in a falling over itself to get to certain plot points way. Even the seemingly off-hand remarks (like 'bunch of jerks' in the last one) tell you a lot. It must be a tricky thing to get right!

  19. I love how indignatious Will is about how amazing it sounds. I love it so much. Almost as much as my love for Hanna but not quite.

    1. I don't get why he looks mad, though.

      1. He’s not angry, he’s intense. Here: “That sounds SO AMAZING right now!” Make more sense?

  20. I like Aimee! This is super cute.

  21. She's making it rather simple isn't she? Good for her.

  22. for some reason, i just don't like will and aimee together. ): i don't even know why- they both seem like nice enough people. i've gotten over the will/eve pairing.

    maybe i'm just jealous that a black-and-white, cartoon character is so damn pretty.

  23. The words are still being hand-drawn, correct? They’re looking pretty good, compared to when you started drawing the words – particularly when it comes to distinguishing bold from non-bold text.

  24. I honestly don't know why…. But for some reason every time I see Aimee…. I want to hit it….

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