#471 – she’s so funny

Comic! I know they're comin' slow lately. I'm pretty tired, folks. My life's packed to the brim with (thankfully rewarding) obligations, and at the moment I'm trying to get ahead for an upcoming trip. Keep checking back though, things'll keep moving.

45 thoughts on “#471 – she’s so funny

  1. go will! hope this works out for him…

  2. Poor Will. Pretty sure those are the last two people on earth he wants to introduce to her.

    1. They are just gonna make her wish she was talking to Will even more

  3. oh god damnit.

  4. love the way you draw her hair!

    1. agreed… I wish my brain let me think about hair like that!

  5. If it were Eve it wouldn’t be funny. T ^ T

  6. Oh Will, you poor man.

    …When was the last time he left that apartment?

    1. Last time he left the apartment some bros died.

      1. and this is bad how?

        1. The smell of dead bro is really hard to get rid of, they had to burn the couch.

  7. Oh damn, being "rescued" from an quieter situation by your roommate, Will? Gotta hurt.

  8. I feel your pain, Will.

  9. Wow, Will turns around for five seconds and those two pop outta nowhere.

    Question: What texture(s) do you use when applying greyscale?

    1. I hope M responds personally, but I understand that she recently switched back to inking by hand then scanning and using Manga Studio EX4 for the fills. They use a percentage screen much like a newspaper. I see moire pattern in all but the background in frame #7. This is probably the ONLY thing i don'y like in the Divine Miss M's work. I prefer solid greys over screens or "washes". Manga Studio can do washes that look similar to watercolor when you use the magic marker tool and use 20% transperency. I also downloaded some brushes for it that are really slick. I haven't got the swing yet for Photoshop CS5 yet, though. __Manga Studio debut is about $50 unless it's on sale at that time, MS EX4 is $300, when not on sale (i've ocassionall seen it for $100 on sale) and Photoshop Elements is about $90 and the full blown is about $800.

      1. I recommend you buy the book! no displeasing moire patterns in there.

        1. I personally don't mind, I actually think it makes the pages "pop".

          I recently bought Debut 4 and hope to start a webcomic soon, any suggestions/tips?

        2. just play around with it! You'll learn a lot.

        3. Thanks 🙂

  10. Aimee looks so awkward in the last three panels.

    Also, who the hell else did Will invite? Bunch of Jerks indeed.

    1. Ahh, there is an awkward sad pause after she says bunch of jerks. Maybe it was Eve and Hanna? Maybe he didn't invite anyone except her and is pretending he did for some undisclosed reason. Maybe, um… Nah, I don't really know; there are too many!

      …but maybe it was Marigold! 0_0

      Okay I'm done now.

      1. No, it was everyone from Will's usual circle of friends (i.e. the main cast), all of whom feel obligated to blackball him after he dumped Marigold.

  11. Sounds like some people still haven't forgiven Will yet.

  12. Is Bunch of Jerks a band?

    1. And panel 4 is them reminiscing about David Barry? Will doesn’t seem the type.

    2. It is now. Naming cred shall be listed under Robert.

      1. Darn it! I wanted to hog that name! When you become famous I will think bitter thoughts.
        …Maybe not.

  13. Translation of last panel:

    She's female!
    She's SO female!

    1. More like "She's attractive! She's SO attractive!"

  14. Right now I think I'm hating Larry & cuz almost as much as Will is.

    1. It's very, very much outside the bro-code, no question. I'm hating them too.

  15. Roomies! Need ’em to pay the rent, so ya can’t stuff them down the garbage disposal. Not that Will should be worried…. “mo thanks, I’m driving”, forsooth!

  16. GTyporumble, “no”.

  17. The way everyone's drooling over her is creeping me out. Including Will with his angry-face and his don't-talk-to-anyone-but-me.

    1. He looks more alarmed than angry. I don't think it's unreasonable to be apprehensive about two dudes who obviously want to bone the girl you're interested in swooping in to hit on her. She's clearly not all that comfortable with it anyway, since she came to the party to see Will.

  18. Oh man, the infamous SWOOP.
    This whole party is shaping up to be a bro faux pas fest.


      1. Oh god I'm so gonna use that now

  19. They're trying really hard. I'm sure she detects this. I like how they're both even wearing the same clothes.

  20. In the last panel, Larry and Cuz remind me of Walter and Perry from Home Movies.

  21. Panels 4 and 6: Awesome Will Faces.

  22. The female body language in this is so good. the hand on the knee, the lean forward, and then when larry and larry jr appear ellllllbows up! Give the lady a little personal space fellas!

  23. Ahahaha. I totally didn't notice they were dressed the same/had the same hair until this strip.

  24. black shirts run in the family

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