#429 – so embarrassed

Ah geez. It snowed again! Plenty of comic drawing indoors. There should be another one this week.

60 thoughts on “#429 – so embarrassed

  1. Good to see Eve's got her priorities straight.

    1. Just like John Lesnick.

  2. Man I've had many a moments like this before. Though with less nudity.

    1. Really? Mine usually involve more.

  3. Lol marekpubes

  4. Lol marekpubes

  5. Marek understands the importance of socks on a kitchen floor in January. 🙂

  6. Love how the only dialogue is Eve breaking the fourth wall, and the only thing she says is something about herself. And Marek's socks, because cold feet is a crime.

    1. I don't know, I'd expect the eyes to be more focused towards the audience if it were an attempt to break the 4th wall. Something about the expression just makes me think she's staring off in a general direction while thinking to herself, not addressing the reader.

      I guess I just think that Gran would of been more overt about it if she meant to adress the reader, she's usually pretty cool like that.

  7. Breaking the fourth wall? You never talk to yourself?

    1. I do, but only when I'm breaking the fourth wall.

    2. At least, it appears she's breaking the fourth wall because of the way she's looking. That might just be my opinion. (Oh, and talking to myself runs in the family.)

      1. i agree. she's looking straight at us.

        1. I dunno; to me, it's like she's looking over my right shoulder. Not for the first time, I hope there isn't a naked Polish guy behind me.

        2. The question is one of intent. Is she there for a midnight snack, and Marek comes through (as apparently has happened before)? Or is she there in hopes that Marek comes through again?

          The latter seems unlikely, as there hasn't been a hint of this before. Then again, Eve has been out of the lovin' circle for a while now…

        3. Actually, I think her comment makes it kind of obvious that this is a regular occurance.

        4. it happens often that she stands there eating and he comes out for a drink and doesnt notice her but should the day ever come when he does notice, it would be ackward. i dont think she stands there so she can see him she's just too embaressed to say anything the next morning, possibly she doesnt like eating in her room thats why she stays in the kitchen anyway, maybe it not that often of an occurance to change habits, or some other explaination

          also, did he just throw the carton on the ground after he finished

        5. "A Polish stallion is standing behind you wearing nothing but a smile… please don't make him take the smile off." The most terrifying Facebook status?

        6. Nah if you check where she's looking in the panel before and look where her eyes are looking, it's the same as the last one.

  8. I wonder if she'd be embarrassed about him finding out she just watches him, or that she eats in the middle of the night. 😛 [/alittleconfused]

    1. Or that she eats in the middle of the night naked too? maybeprobablynot.

    2. No, I read it as: she'd be embarrassed because HE'S naked.

      Marek would probably wave and say "Hi Eve", and Eve,who has nothing to be embarrassed about, would wish the ground would swallow her up.

      Oh, and adorable Marek is adorable!

  9. Omg, that's great. XD

  10. Woo! Really needed this :]

  11. Yep, pubic hair. I lolled.

    1. I'm apparently the only one that thought it was a fig leaf and had a rather terrible dawning realisation as I read through the comments ;__;

      1. To be fair, it DOES look like a fig leaf. Which is actually kind of funny in itself.

  12. I love the "cchhhewwww" in the fifth panel XD

  13. Wow. Yeah. Uh….yeah.

  14. I feel that "Chheewww" is a "chhhheeww" of contemplation, and given her sight plane, I'd say she's elevator-eyes-ing Marek. But who wouldn't.

    1. agreed. the 3rd through 5th panels make it clear she's checking out his junk. and i would too.

      awesome comic and i'm SO relieved to come back here and not find the awful lech comic on the front page again…enough of creeps. and this isn't creepy at all, that eve has done this before. hee hee. i think she doesn't want him to know that she's seen him naked, not that she eats cereal or something in the middle of the night.

    2. I figured panel 3 was initial shock, panel 4 was socks, panel 5 was junk, and the really slow "chhheeww" was trying to avoid being noticed.

  15. This is just genius 🙂 I read this just after waking up, perfect day ahead! Great.

  16. This kind of thing has happened to me.

    I know exactly how she feels.

  17. … Cheeeeeeew …


  18. Naked and wearing only socks. Tsc, tsc, tsc….

  19. So, is Eve so far off Marek's radar that he doesn't even notice her, or is he sleep eating?

    1. That's Ning not Eve

      1. Ning is Eve. Eve is Ning. Ning is Eve's last name. Eve Ning.

        1. What is this, an Eddie Murphy flick? How can Eve be Ning? And who is Everest?

        2. Seriously.

  20. Haha, I tend to do the same and hide in the darkness. I've never caught someone naked though!

  21. This makes me SO excited to have roommates. I live for awkward moments. 😀

  22. I read it more that she's avoiding her gaze in panel 4, chewing slowly so as not to be noticed in panel 5 (to try and swallow what is already in there), a bit of shock in panel 6, but then in the last panel is the punchline — not "wow, that was weird" or "ew…", but a very Eve-esque response of "I would be so embarrassed if he ever found out I was here" as opposed to "HE would be so embarrassed if he ever found out I was here."

  23. The fangirl in me is delighting at the sight of Marek-tush!

  24. I have a feeling this has happened more then once. Reason 1) Eve said "I will be…" instead of "I would be…" Reason 2) Her nonchalant way of dealing with it. Or maybe I'm reading too much into this and this is just excepted behavior living with those two 😛

  25. Not surprised that Marek is casual about his nudity. But skipping around in the nude, in the middle of the night, caught me by surprised.

  26. I love how much thought everyone is putting into this! Heheh, comic psychology is the best.

  27. First of all, Marek isn't naked; he's clearly wearing socks, you prudes!

    Also, I think Eve's mostly worried that Marek will know she eats cereal in the dark. As for the elevator eyes, well, unless things are way different for women, the fact that Eve has no interest in Marek doesn't mean she doesn't want to see him naked.

    1. But I mean granted he's behosed, so she doesn't get to see him naked in the strip anyway.

  28. I'm sorry guys but I think everyone failed to noticedd that Marek still has his socks on.

    Best part for me.

    1. I take that back.

    2. He's wearing two socks, not three.

  29. Um, I thought she was embarrassed bc she's in her underwear and didn't want to be seen. I can relate. I have enough body issues where I'd be embarrassed to be seen in my underwear but wouldn't care if I saw someone else naked.

    Odd but true.

  30. Musical milk – perfect detail.

  31. Eating cereal at night, Eve? Norty.

  32. This is glorious.

  33. Does anybody else find it odd that we can't see Eve in panel 1, although by the way the refrigerator swings open, I would think she would be THERE already–unless we're treated to how Marek sees the room?

    ORRRRR is she maybe creeping whenever she hears him get up?

  34. i'm pretty sure the last panel, what she says is indicating that marek does this a lot. and she is in the shadows a lot without him noticing her

  35. Why is she embarrassed? I guess because it was accidental and she wasn't supposed to be there so late at night, eating in the dark.

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