#423 – hanukkah present

I'm not sure if it came across but Mar's mouthless hat gift is meant to be a little bit petty.

7 thoughts on “#423 – hanukkah present

  1. Won't be accidentally kissing in that thing! Can't believe it didn't hit me until now, haha.

    1. oh haha wow, same!

  2. Definitely got the joke across the first time I read it. I always enjoyed Mar's line here, "I made you a Hanukkah present, you boyfriend-kissing bitch" perfect

  3. Given the hovertext, is that a "Jews=guilt" joke or guilt/gelt?

  4. Ugh I love Marigold…

  5. I did notice on my first read that the hat seemed like the perfect amount of cheek and comeuppance. I was so impressed when I read it.

  6. At the same time it still seems like a thoughtful gift considering how Eve dresses when she bikes to work in winter. Marigold is way too kind for these fuckers

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