#422 – a good friend

Two things bug me about this page on an ongoing basis. I often wonder if Eve's crime is serious enough to warrant a dramatic confession. When you read onto the next page, it's clearly not. But webcomics are read page by page, and I think about building a moral consensus for the sake of story. To me, kissing someone else's (now ex-) boyfriend years ago could go either way - it's obviously a not-nice thing to do, but it almost qualifies as something that's not worth admitting now, that can only possibly cause pain. At any rate, Eve is wrong about the sabotage she thinks she's committed. The real truth Eve is hoping to cop to is that she still wants a relationship with Will, which, in the end, she doesn't cop to at all. The 2nd thing that bugs me is how heavy I inked panel 1. I'm not sure why I did that! Sometimes you're just jammin' out a panel without looking at anything around it.

10 thoughts on “#422 – a good friend

  1. Didn't you just ink it that way to represent how zoomed in it was? Maybe that doesn't make artistic sense to the older and wiser you now, but as a viewer it never bothered me. In a world of outlines I only notice when something is truly proportionally out of place. Like if panel 5 had been the heavily inked one. For some reason.

  2. I love the way Eve's legs are hanging above the floor.

    1. Half-set of gams!

  3. You've mentioned the Eternal Sunshine parallels already (love that film!) but is the Brownout Biscuit also an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference? Or is it that brownouts have always been a thing and I am just a bit naïve?

    BTW this is one of my favourite storylines of the comic (apart from literally every one with Jane in) so it's nice to revisit!

  4. Years ago? Has it been so long? If asked, I might have guessed it's been about a year or a little less. Time flies, especially with daily updates.

    1. It's been about a year, minimum, since they kissed on Valentine's day and now it's around Christmas? I don't really know though!

  5. this might not make sense, but I always like subtle artistic irregularities like the heavy ink in panel 1–to my mind that's what Eve sees, staring fixedly for a moment at the cafe counter as the big emotions build up for her confession and she focuses on the steam rising out of the coffee cup, caught briefly in a little moment of unreality

  6. The extra thick lines always bugged me too so I'm glad you mentioned it. Maybe you thought that a close up shot needed thicker lines?

  7. I admire Eve's honesty.

  8. Honestly considering how heavy the comic gets around here its actually kinda appropriate to have the first panel inked like that. Its a subtle choice and, if put to film, could probably be represented by a bell rung in reverse.

    Its like the comic version of an improv scene, cool!

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