#390 – sexual harassment awareness training

Another page that I can boringly say is still very funny to me. I remember at the time asking a friend how best to show a character shaking their heads in a comic. The sound effect was suggested as well as the swivel, and I went for both just to be safe. I still haven't found a better way to do this. Maybe I've SEEN a better way, but haven't remembered it. That's the invisible art of comics for ya.

4 thoughts on “#390 – sexual harassment awareness training

  1. Ghost heads turned left and right instead of the sound effect.

  2. her fucking sketchy doctor is there omg. that man needs to be stripped of his medical license

  3. I once tripped a friend in a game of soccer baseball just so I could use the line "have a nice trip, see you next fall". It went significantly worse than this.

  4. Isn't there a version of this that's reworded for Mother's Day? Where the instructor says at the end "Is there anything cooler than moms?"

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