#389 – you’d think…

God I'm still proud of this fucking concept. It came to me in a dream, which never happens with good ideas, and it was just so fun to wander through it to its shaggy dog end. Now that weed is legal in half of North America I think Hanna would find most of these people less dorky than average.

5 thoughts on “#389 – you’d think…

  1. If nothing else, the idea of unbearable stoner billionaires was prescient.

    1. i wonder if swan tastes good. regardless, i bet elon musk has eaten it before

  2. yeah, but do the High Maintenance people pay you royalties?

  3. I can’t decide if the stoned lion, or Hanna’s eyeline direct to the very suggestive porn star bong is funnier. Every time I look at either of them, I giggle.

  4. Geez, Hanna, that's pretty racist.

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