#391 – octopus pie confessions

(...in the shal, sha-ha-low...) I'm a minority among my friends for really liking A Star is Born. But I don't think it's controversial that Gaga had sticking power. The real insanity in this page is Will's confession - shit, man! What's it like to be driven libidinally by politics. Maybe I'm a little jealous of him.

4 thoughts on “#391 – octopus pie confessions

  1. In Will's defense, crazy is kinda sexy (if you ignore the fallout), so 'bats#$@ crazy librarian' can be hot as long as the other person never says anything related to politics, history, or science.

  2. Panel 7 didn't exactly age the best

  3. A lot of ladies are attracted to Stalin apparently. Must be fun to be able to just experience libido like that, unburdened by personal concerns.

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