#384 – what’s familiar

Haha Eve what an asshole. Have I talked about this whole 9/11 backstory I carried in my mind the whole series? 9/11 was meant to be the culmination of all the worst events in Eve's young life - a shared trauma with Park on the day they'd long planned to have sex for the first time, her parents' decision to divorce, her Mom's conversion to a post-911 neocon, and a family-splitting departure from the city. It played out hilariously and painfully in my head. Looking back I still think this is a great story that I would've loved to do, but it just never happened. Anyway that's what this page was sort of alluding to. The Octopus Pie 9/11 story.

5 thoughts on “#384 – what’s familiar

  1. Well at least you NEVER FORGOT that planned backstory haha

    1. You! YOU! How dare you. Have my upvote.

  2. You should write the story sometime! As sort of a bonus or something. When you've got free time of course.

  3. Whoa!!! That is a crazy backstory. it sounds like it would work as a stand-alone "collective worst day of our lives" comic. That actually makes sense for how pessimistic Eve is… sigh. 9/11.

  4. That story makes a lot of things make even more sense. From Eve and her cynicism, to her relationship with Park that has obviously become stale and incompatible.

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