#383 – george jetson toothbrush

Dawn calling Eve a pinball was a weird a reference to a book about transient children called "Pinballs" that stuck with me over the years. I also did have a Jetsons toothbrush that I hated seeing at my mom's house but could never do away with.

9 thoughts on “#383 – george jetson toothbrush

  1. My parents still have all of my old math and programming awards from high school and even a couple from middle school, displayed in the bedroom I sleep in when I visit (I live a thousand miles away now). I finished college 6 years ago. Those are the weirdest for me to see when I visit.

  2. I really love Eve's random tie.

    1. I think it's part of her work dress code.

  3. Hanna setting the toothbrush on fire is one of my favorite moments of kooky destruction.

  4. To be fair, toothbrushes are really good for cleaning the grime where the faucet and handles meet the counter

  5. Of the many iconic Hanna faces in OP, this strip has two of them.

  6. Oh man, I also read Pinballs and think about it constantly. That one kid whose dad backed over him in the driveway? And the other kid who just reads the endings of romance novels? I think I must have read that book like six times when I was little.

  7. Is Hanna crying? Those must be DAMN good tanderines.

  8. You started it, Eve. Remember when you said "Home. It's where my stuff is." A few pages ago?

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