#385 – bzzt

Everyone's really cute in this one. Will's beard is a cheap joke, but they're all such puppies here, I think it's all forgiven.

4 thoughts on “#385 – bzzt

  1. I've always thought shaved Will could pass as an anime prettyboy. Panel 7 is pretty much the epitome of what that would look like in your art style, to me.

  2. OMG, Will is Scott Pilgrim! Then the encroaching stubble completely destroys the illusion.

  3. I think of the first panel of this one every time someone decides to mow their lawn in my neighborhood at 7 AM.

  4. It always seemed strange to me that you felt you had to justify this one as Cartoon Logic – but then, it's a family legend that when he was younger my Dad had this whole grand scheme to keep falsifying his credentials for a 16-25 Railcard until he was elegible for an Over-Sixties Railcard. And that he finally gave up when he was 27 and he had to shave at the train station outside the photobooth, or else his beard would have grown back in the time it took him to walk from his flat.

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