#379 – there’s no time

Eve's superstitious mind is no match for Hanna's delusions. But where are they going? Where?

61 thoughts on “#379 – there’s no time

  1. oh man, Meredith Gran. You are amazing, no matter what update schedule you use.

  2. Great! Iove it! Welcome baccckk!

  3. Jinkies!

  4. Yay OP! I've missed the regular updates. 🙂

  5. aaaaack no not a paranormal romance thriller anything but thaaaaaat

  6. Man, almost hit a "Moon" reference trifecta!

  7. I'd read that paranormal romance thriller.

  8. Nothing summons fear of death faster than the prospect of one's life ending up in a book published (rather misguidedly, it turns out) to capitalize on the Twilight craze.

    Love the callback to Marek's love of Bjork. Don't EVER let him see Dancer in the Dark, Meredith.

  9. I want to see that film/read that book

  10. They're going to Disneyland.

  11. What is Marek's baseline? How do you guys know when he's being sincere? I have a buddy like him, where it's absolutely impossible to tell when he's serious and when he's deadpanning.

    1. I have a friend like that too, only he's always flatlining. We met in a paranormal romance thriller.

    2. Haha, I'm pretty sure everything that comes out of Marek's mouth is utterly sincere.

  12. SectoidFloatingDisc

    I kinda do want them to write a paranormal romance thriller about my death. But it's understandable if it's not everyone's cup of tea.

  13. Great to have it back. I could have sworn Eve used to have a gap in her teeth though…

    1. she does, but it's not always drawn. yay cartoons!

      1. Haha nice XD

  14. I'm pretty sure that Hanna is using Link's hat at pannel 2 and 3

  15. A Phrygian cap seems just perfect for Hanna.

  16. Well, no one else has mentioned it, so….

    I've had that dream, too. Repeatedly. In different places, with different people (never anyone famous/infamous, though), at all different stages of my life. It's just about the only dream I remember when I wake

    Sooo… what's it really mean?

  17. Don't know but I'm glad to see them trying to get there! Welcome back!

  18. I absolutely love that Hanna is stirring something. Hooray Meredith! Hooray Comics!

  19. Love the last panel! And welcome back!

  20. I desperately want to give you a high-five right now!

  21. YAY updates!!!!


  22. Reginald Cornishston

    Hooray! They're leaving shithole Brooklyn!

  23. So happy you're back to 3 updates a week. I missed my regular Octopus Pie fix.

  24. i just love that marek is running out with the mattress. didn't we first met him when hannah was bed-less in eve's apartment and marek showed up with his bed (but where will you sleep?) there's a whole other flavor of canon going on here intentional or not. or maybe it's just friday.

    1. hehe 🙂



    Sam Rockwell, eh? I get that. He's a triple threat, like Bjork. Comedy. Drama. Dreams.

  26. Hanna's determined face: best thing ever.

  27. I like the three-a-weeks, but that's mostly because of my own selfish agenda. After getting the book and sitting down and reading the whole thing (all at once… ow, my eyes) it is my humble opinion that the canon isn't disrupted at all either way. So what I guess I'm trying to say is: well, nothing at all. Sorry.

  28. ha ha LOL!

    maybe they are going to live under a bridge

  29. Part of me is excited to hear that the comic's back on a regular updating schedule, but I did feel the overall quality of the strip was better when it was on the "posted as it's finished" schedule.

    Guess we'll see how things pan out! I'm looking forward to seeing.

  30. Hanna in the last panel is awesome

  31. Love that they took the mattress. Love that.

  32. I love Marek THIS much.

    In a strip full of adorable main characters, Marek is the clumsiest, fuzziest beagle puppy of them all.

    1. The Prolific Mr. Ano

      I think it's a terrible shame that more webcomic characters can't be described as clumsy puppies.

  33. The tone in the third panel—seemingly serious and absurd at the same time—was grrreat! :{D

  34. I was thinking that Eve's dream was about Park leaving but maybe i am reading too much into it.

    Welcome back to 3 a week.


  35. Hanna has a sort of heroic look in the last panel. Also, Marek / bed = win!

  36. Yay!

    I have to admit that I'm not really patient enough to wait for big updates…

  37. I wonder what version of the dream Manuel had.

  38. Hanna Looks like Link wearing a hat like that lol.

  39. What are the odds of getting a higher resolution image of that last panel for wallpaper purposes. I love it.

    1. I would also be interested in knowing those odds.

  40. I wonder what the title of that book would be.

  41. Holy crap, I’ve had the same dream when I was living at my previous apartment.

  42. i would kill to have the last panel be the cover of my autobiography, along with the kind of lifestory to validate it

  43. There needs to be a “TO THE BAT HOUSE” at the end of this.

  44. I love that Hannah has a dream with "Stardust era Bowie"! I want a girlfriend like her, for once.

  45. Does anyone else see the similarities to Doctor Who here? The whole "spare door that's always been there", and the "omg we all just had the same dream so this means doom"? That just made me reeeeeeally happy 🙂


      and I love it

  46. I want to have that Stardust-era Bowie dream =D

    That has just made Hannah my favourite character.

  47. Ok that final panel is amazing im dying laughing. Read up to this point over the past two days and had to comment finally amazing comic some of the best writing/art/stories I've come across 🙂 I'm seriously pondering getting that final panel tattooed on me is that odd?

  48. take the damn mattress and RUN.

  49. Definitely making some fan art for this comic.
    Can't wait till I catch up. <3

  50. Marek's stuck with the mattress lol (but what about all your other stuff?! Surely you can't carry it all!)

  51. clearly hanna will survive any horror movie. eve would probably get herself killed in the first ten minutes. marek would likely figure out who the ghost was haunting and convince it to find peace in the afterlife.

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