#380 – the thing where the air is cool

Beards, huh? Well actually, I've got nothing.

41 thoughts on “#380 – the thing where the air is cool

  1. It is an epic beard, however.

    1. Would you say… God Beard?

  2. wait
    does marek even *have* eyes?

    1. Yes he does, but you don’t want to see them. A Polishman’s eyes strike fear into the hearts of men. Ever seen A Streetcar Named Desire? It’s kinda like that.

  3. I'm all too familiar with his situation.

  4. if (beard == true)
    return props;

    1. cout << "nice beard, sir!" << endl;

      1. The level of win in these two comments has just made my day.

      2. {

        cin >> beardOpinion;

        if (beardOpinion == awesome)


        return SuperBeardFriends;




        return MassiveDejection;



        Shut up, it's been a long time since I've done C++.

  5. I don't think I ever realised how much smaller Eve is than Hanna!

    1. I think Eve’s standing a little bit behind Hannah, which accentuates the height difference. But yeah, Hannah doesn’t spend many panels standing straight up.

  6. beard buddies!

  7. Beard, beard, beard. I have a beard.

    <3 to Merideth for creating such an awesome story 😀

  8. If you have beard and meet someone with beard, you obviously have a lot to talk about and you almost instantaneously become bff's. Get it right next time. =)

    1. That is a regular beginner’s mistake. Same goes for mustaches. If you’re wearing one and you see another fellow with an epic, you don’t get all squealy, you both just tip each other a respectful “Gunsmoke”-type nod.

      1. Explains why Marek is speechless.

  9. I wish I could grow a beard… *Sniff*

    (Glad to have you back, Mer!)

    ((Unrelated to me but still pretty cool: 2010 International Beard and Mustache Illustration Championship Competition: http://philintheblanks.com/blog/?p=471 ))

  10. they’re kindred spirits now

  11. It’s like when I used to drive a VW Bus. Everytime you see another bus driver you throw the peace sign. I assume Beard wearers have their own gesture. Maybe some sort of beard-stroking motion?

  12. Eagerly awaiting the OP/Wondermark crossover series, “Beards of Brooklyn”

  13. Aw, I'm so happy OP is updating regularly again. I'm going through a rough patch in my life right now and seeing Ning, Hanna, and Marek every few days is like having some old friends help me through it.

  14. Beard Stroking Motion would be a good band name.

  15. So many changes, must focus.
    Wolfman Will. Sorry Will, Marek’s aquiline nose looks way better with winterbeard
    Tinier, cuter Eve. Looks like someone washed her in hot water
    Puget Sean returns. And he has beer! Squee!

  16. See my beard.

    Ain't it weird?

    Don't be skeered,

    It's just a beard.

    — G. Carlin

  17. Ah, the brotherhood of the beard.
    I’ve had a friend do this before.

  18. So glad to have this back in my life at last!! I missed these guys

  19. God dammit, that last panel is gold too! What are you doing to me Meredith!

  20. at first glance : WTF MAREK GREW EYES… oh thats Wil

  21. I've never found an apartment in Portland with the air cooler thingy. It's probably the Man trying to keep me down, though.

  22. Kindred beard spirit brothermates.

  23. I can attest to the moustache thing. Beard? Well, it’s Canada – so, not so much. Until we discovered irony.

  24. Beards turn laziness into awesomeness. Everyone knows that.

  25. He wuz looking for a reaction… from Marek?

  26. Wow I have lived this… like… twice.

  27. Hanna conquered that chair immediately.

  28. I commented waaay back that a parka-wearing Will looked like a rugged Scott Pilgrim.

    And now, in panel 4, I see a bearded Scott Pilgrim.

    S'weird, man.



  30. 'This place has the thing where the air is cool' lol the horrors of living without a/c for too long, and I think Marek is maybe weirded out cuz Will is trying to look like him

    1. I think Marek was just confused because it's just a beard, something that Marek just grows without thinking about it, like wearing socks. And then Will's trying to turn it into some sort of brotherhood insignia or something.

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