#378 – a door next to this door

It's been a while, but the comic is back to its 3-a-week schedule - starting today. I'll be talking about my reasons for the change back in a news post below very soon. But for now, enjoy 2 new comic pages and check back on Friday for some more!

89 thoughts on “#378 – a door next to this door

  1. I am stupid amounts of excited about this.

  2. Huzah!! OP is Back!!

    1. More importantly: The SHAGGS are back!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Meredith! OP suffered so much from the slow update pace. I was about to give up on it. I'm so glad you've come back to MWF schedule!

  4. Hooray! I knew there was a reason I kept checking here every day. Thanks!

  5. My eyes got really wide when I saw the update. Woo!

  6. EXCELLENT! This makes me very happy <3

  7. Oh, boy, comics! 😀 All this time holding onto the RSS feed paid up nicely. 😛

  8. Great news! TBH your comic is so great I could live with the _new_ schedule as it was. I do prefer MWF updates though;)

  9. Ha ha ooooh yes I know that kind of dream. I've lived in the city long enough to ogle nice apartments the way construction workers ogle ladies.

  10. Nice to see you back I cant wait to see more octupus pie strips

    I had a nice time chatting with you last comicon (Im the mexican candy guy, I hope that you liked the candy)

    1. I did, thank you very much! Good to see you.

  11. PLEASE tell me you used the Batman "you can't read in a dream" thing as a hint, because GOD DAMN was that satisfying to catch.

    1. hah, I didn't get it from Batman, I thought it was a little more broadly understood that you couldn't read in dreams! But good catch either way.

    2. Wow, I missed that. And yeah, it's a common lucid dreaming technique. Digital clocks don't work either.

  12. Oh, it's back to MWF or something like it? Thank GOD.

    I have missed my slice of Brooklife >.>

  13. Happy reader is happy.

  14. Wow, good day to randomly check in on OP.

  15. So great to have you back, Captain.


  16. yay! i'm so glad you're comics are back.

  17. Hoo-yeah, it's about time Sam Rockwell got some credit!

    One must wonder whether this is Galaxy Quest Sam Rockwell, or Iron Man 2 Sam Rockwell.

  18. Yay! Nothing like some fresh Octopus Pie! Thanks!

  19. I, for one, hope it's because you now have a very comfortable buffer!

  20. oh, awesome, Meredith! I follow your comic for not much time. I think I started reading two or three storylines ago. Well, I'm glad you're back, ma'am! And three times a week.

    And… hmm… what happened with the shop link? I wanted those shot glasses so bad. ; _ ;

  21. Yay! Heh. Brooklyn's version of "The Dream" – ohyah.

    Welcome back, M – we missed you!

  22. Sam Rockwell! Is that his astronaut outfit from Moon?

  23. Yaaaaay I love it!!!

  24. Yay!!! I've missed my Octopus Pie. I got the" OH MY GOD puppies" shirt at comic con and I've been mooning about ever since, wishing I had some new 'Pie to read. Thanks Mer!

    P.S. What is Eve DOING before she goes through the door? My best guess is bedazzling/ juicing something. Or are we just not supposed to know, because it's a dream?

  25. Hey, this is awesome! I like spreading out anticipation 🙂

    One request: could you send an update email to the update mailing list? I wouldn't have known there was a new comic if I hadn't seen it on Twitter.

  26. Sam Rockwell likes people to call Sam Rockwell by his full name: Sam Rockwell.

  27. maybe it's because it's been such a long time, but I can't help but be absolutely amazed by the art in this one. the expressions are just beautiful, love eve's hair, and the last panel blows me away. we missed you, meredith, but what a come-back. looking towards for more

  28. I'm just so happy to see an update!

  29. this news makes me so happy

  30. I had given up on this, the link from overcompensating led me back…

  31. This has made my day. Thank you.

  32. Also: Woohoo!

  33. ok. no matter how many times i keep trying, pages jump from376 to 378, cant find any 377 really. Anyone that can help with that?

    1. There's no page in between – this update is technically page 377 & 388.

  34. I wish I met Sam Rockwell in -my- dreams.

    It was great to meet you at New England Comics! My friend and I used the shot glasses to mix up some Fuzzy Navels that night. We didn't punch each other, though.

  35. Fantastic! I'm so happy that OP is back.

    Thank you so much for the update!! 😀

  36. There's a problem with the links to every episode… each one takes you the last one 🙁 and too lazy to clic forward every time i want to pick up where i left …

    can something be done about it??


    1. You mean in the story guide? I see what you mean. It's a plug-in issue.. give me a little while and I'll get it fixed.

    2. ok, it should work now!

  37. Okay this has been bugging me for months so I should finally mention it: Your link to Hark! A Vagrant! doesn't work. Apparently Kate doesn't own katebeaton.com anymore. I use the link lists to cycle through my favorite webcomics so this keeps bugging me 🙂

    And since this is the first you're reading from me, I'm just going to point out I've been with Octopus Pie since practically the first day and I've been a fan of your work ever since Skirting Danger. Looking forward to once more seeing your stories unfold one page at a time!

  38. Reginald Cornishston

    Nice! Great to see you back. And I loved MOON too.

  39. I'm so glad to see this comic back to its 3 a week schedule. I enjoyed the storylines, but it made me a bit crazy having to wait for so long to get my OP fix. Here's hoping you have much success with the original schedule again!

  40. Holy wow. I just did a full back to front archive trawl.

    Unlike everyone else, I was sad to get to this comic because I knew it meant the end of the line.

    Completely freakin' tremendous.



  41. Sam Rockwell love always. There is no other way.

  42. Well, I hadn't given up, since I was on the update e-mail list. Great to see the strip back on a regular basis, though!

    Wow, Eve looks really happy in the first couple of panels. That's rare.

    I'm fairly certain I've been able to read in dreams. I've occasionally had strange names or words linger on waking up, but I think I've been able to read things.

  43. YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! I cannot wait for the updates! 😀

  44. Eve wants to move and is humping her pillow?

  45. HUZZAH! I was reading my copy of the Octopus Pie book today and all the while thinking "God, it's been sooooooo long since the last update. I miss the MWF schedule." and I get home and find out that the MWF schedule RETURNETH! 😀

  46. Hooray!!! I am so glad to see OP back. It's one of my favorite comics 🙂

  47. you just made my day, lady

  48. Yay is all I can say

  49. Yay, awesome news 😀

  50. Because of you I got into the Shaggs.

  51. Oh we've all been there.

    Hugging our pillows dreaming of Sam Rockwell in his space outfit…

  52. See, I KNEW I was keeping your strip in my RSS list for a reason.

  53. What is she doing in the first three panels?

    1. Making a newspaper burger? To keep cool!


  54. YES






  55. Ok, even though it was nice to get a whole storyline once in a while I'm glad you're changing back, the wait was too long between updates.

  56. I am so psyched!



  58. It is a rare person to be so upbeat in that kind of humidity.

  59. You have no idea how seeing a new comic come up just made my day. Plus 3x a week regular scheduling!? Happy days indeed.

  60. Sam Rockwell? I need to check your updates more frequently.

  61. Is she making a hamburger out of newspaper and cigarettes?

  62. Wait, Sam Rockwell is Prisoner Zero? And it’s sexy?!

  63. Wow – I have this dream all the time. I once dreamed that my puny one-bedroom apartment all of a sudden had a huge sunken living room. Is this a common dream?

  64. awesome comic, and 2nd panel. 😀

  65. this is sorta like the first episode of the latest season of Doctor who. a door nearly out of nowhere

  66. i would feel dumb

  67. Oh man, a Moon reference was about the last thing I would have expected! Also didn't expect to keep loving this comic a bit more with each one, was pretty sure I'd topped out that scale a hundred or two ago.

  68. ohmygosh! I only just realized that the halloween storyline started here. I think I must be very dumb

  69. Whoa I have had this dream before too.

  70. Just in case you get updated about posts on old comics, I wanted to let you know that the "latest storyline" button still sends people back to here rather than, you know, the latest storyline. Anyway, thank you so much for Octopus Pie.

  71. Yes, I've had this dream, without Sam Rockwell, dozens of times!

  72. Sam Rockwell is a babe.

  73. As with your more recent dream strip, this one is mightily familiar to me as well, "the room I never noticed before." I actually DO have a strange large irregular room with a doorway virtually behind my refrigerator, so I've been having variations on this dream above more often since moving into the current flat. Thus I find this one very cool, and more comforting than the more recent dream strip!

  74. Lawlz, all tangled up in that body pillow

  75. They love me like I was a brother
    They protect me, listen to me
    They dug me my very own garden
    Gave me sunshine, made me happy

    Nice dream, nice dream, nice dream

  76. She's singing the Shaggs right? 😀

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