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  1. What a jerk!

  2. Hmm…he has a right to be mad, but I don't think he's being a jerk per-say. Just venting…I don't see them leaving on bad terms.

  3. OMG! This is so intense.

    Incidentally, as I hovering the arrow over the comic to make the alt text appear, I stopped it unknowingly next to Park's last dialog bubble, so I felt a little guilty for giggling despite the emotional turmoil going on.

  4. I don't know how many times I've apologised for my emotions. That "I'm so sorry" affirms you as a great writer in my eyes Meredith.

  5. First panel Eve is heartbreaking.

  6. Aaaaaw. I feel terrible for both of them.

    Am I the only one who actually liked Park?

    1. No, actually.

      Park is one of my favorite characters in Octopus Pie. Even in this situation, he's reacting insanely calmly, though with a large hint of bitterness (understandably so).

      I have to say, he deserves quite a bit of respect.

      1. I like Park a lot. He grew on me quickly especially considering I made up my mind to dislike him as I was rooting for Will and Eve initially. I think Park deserves serious props for how he handled having to wait for Eve but knowing that she was never gonna come around. I'm afraid I can't like Eve right now, she keeps bypassing the good things she could've had only to want them when it's inconvenient for everyone. First time I've started reading and miss you've got a compelling comic, you're a comic goddess

    2. to be honest
      I didn't like Park too much.

      I mean he was a nice guy with nice intentions, but in a sense, he had that controlling streak that many boyfriends or girlfriends are guilty of. It's good to see that some lovers care for their loved ones, but it becomes real easy to lose sight of what really is good for them.

      I didn't like Park because he didn't like Eve's friend. I didn't like Park because he didn't like where she lived and how she lived it. I didn't like Park because he was a judgemental prick who suddenly decided that Eve's life sucks and that she should go with him so that he can make her life better.

      Who is he to say that her life sucks? Personally, I love the new Eve. I remember when this strip first started and Eve was an angry, bitter, lonely person. Now, she's free, open, caring, funny, witty, and charming, and it's all thanks to Hanna and the people she's met. And Park wants to take that away?
      I think Park doesn't know what Eve truly needs… I think he just wants her to be with him because that's what he wants.

      Selfish. but it happens to the best of us :/

  7. So, so far apart…

    The first panel is just so eloquent.

  8. Aw jeez….I, uh, got something in my eye.

    1. It's called a tear. You get 'em when you cry.

  9. @Luna – I liked Park. But he's kind of being a jerk in this panel. I don't think he understands what a big thing he is asking of Eve!

  10. As sad as the storyline itself is I can't help but giggle at the scrollover text

  11. I absolutely love the various degrees of distance suggested in this comic and the last, and how clear it is that the distance isn't physical. Wonderful artistry.

  12. …Park is the picture of what I would not have been. He knows she's had things with other guys, he knows that she's not been as 'committed' (everyone's understanding of this is different) as he's been, and he knows that she was never as serious as him…she drifted away a long time ago but he stuck around, maybe out of duty, maybe out of actual feelings…and for some, the two might be inseparable.

    His reaction is so the opposite of what mine would have been, at least in terms of length. I respect him for this. When it needs to end, chop it off in one stroke and be gone.

    *tips hat to Park*

    1. Indeed. He handled it in a rather mature way. It could have been far worse.

  13. Hannah was right! Never chase an old flame!

  14. Reminds me a lot of a story off Dubliners by Joyce – Eveline. Was that an inspiration?

  15. This has to be fixed. I liked him!

  16. god what a dick

  17. park's the only one who acts like an adult in this comic. even if it's sometimes to a fault

  18. What a douche.

  19. probably the first comic i've ever seen that hasn't reused backgrounds in different frames. oh man, you actually drew them three times over? that's so fantastic.

  20. This is like the third time I’m reading this comic and I still can’t wait for that fuckboy Park to get outta here before someone kicks him in the nads

  21. You know what? Park fucking sucks. fuck Park.

  22. I never liked park anyway. Eve deserves so much better.

  23. Seriously? Everyone's hating on Park, but she stalled and stalled until THE DAY BEFORE he was leaving. He may have been naive to think she was going to say anything other than "no" at that point, but still…she knew before this she wasn't gonna go, so she could've told him sooner.

    1. Intersting Beaver

      I agree.

      It is true also that it's a tough decision to make, one that you might never even be ready to make. While Eve left it very late, I think at that moment Park needs to realise that she might not be ready to leave, in which case he'll also be ready to react in a better way than he did.

    2. People love making victims of women and demons of men. They always want to cast blame on men and coddle women. They never want to hold women accountable for their mistakes or poor decisions and they always want to hold it against men when they get angry at women for their mistakes or poor decisions. Thank you for standing up for Park here and casting proper blame on Eve for the messy way she handled it. He has every right to be angry that she would pull such a lame move and try to avoid dealing with the issue until the last possible minute. People think women are the only ones who have a right to be fragile and emotional. Well men are human, too, and they deserve to be fragile and emotional just as well.

  24. Don't really like Park (he shows a consistent tendency towards selfishness and controlling behaviours, even if he never does anything actually that bad, just stupid), but I feel for him here and in the last strip. I mean, he's reacting badly, but I doubt that I, or many people, would act perfectly in this situation.

  25. toorealreeltoreel

    This hits close too home. I've definitely been the Park of the relationship before. The way he reacted wasn't cool, it's not like Eve didn't feel bad about it, and if he wasn't acting so selfish he'd realize that and try to comfort her. But I can't in good faith call him out as a jerk, because I know what it takes to act like him, and when the situation arises its hard to react the way one would want to when one looks back at the past.

    1. No. This whole thing was entirely Eve's fault for putting off dealing with it until the last possible minute. Park has every right to be angry here. She's the one who acted selfish, not being honest with herself and thereby not being honest with him until literally the day before he leaves. SHE is the jerk here, in a major way. Her severe confrontation avoidance complex bit both her and Park in the ass because she couldn't face the truth until she was pushed against a wall and forced to. Would you feel like comforting and coddling someone who just completely disregarded your feelings and pulled such a weak move by not telling you he's not coming with you right before you leave? Somehow I sincerely doubt it. Don't give Eve a pass just because she's female. They're just as capable of emotional maturity as men are, and Eve dropped the ball here bigtime.

      1. It was wrong of him to expect her to uproot her whole life for him. There is no way to get around the fact that that is selfish. You are really hung up on the gender component when if you looked at the characters actual actions, Park has nearly consistently been a crappy person.

  26. I was with a Park until July of last year. She was five years older than me, which I figure created a huge divide for us. Prejudice and all. She was all for stability, which I didn't have. Unlike Eve, I tried for her. I worked out compromises that would have our interests entertained. I got a job as a copywriter, didn't pay well but was stable. She was happy about it, until I told her that after saving enough I would leave to freelance as writer and voice actor. She didn't like that and eventually left. Besides the multitudes of reasons why there was so much unnecessary pressure on me from both of us, and the other issues that are too sensitive to talk about here, that took the cake. Because unlike Eve, I tried my Park's way. But I guess she wasn't just looking for me take a similar direction as her wishes, but also the manner and pace.

    I understand where she was coming from especially now that I'm in the position of feeling the helplessness and the feeling of obligation for someone you love that is struggling. But you shouldn't suggest a fix that you find right in your perspective because they might not feel the same way. My current paramour once said "don't feel like you have to fix someone before you can love them." It makes me feel helpless sometimes, but she'll get there at her own pace, and I've decided to be there every step of the way.

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