#366 – clunk

5 thoughts on “#366 – clunk

  1. This strip is just some straight great comics. Safe to say you didn’t even need the dialog. Great stuff!

  2. 1st panel, bottom row – Eve's mouth makes me curious. Maybe the face-outline should have been erased there, to show an open mouth? I wonder if it's a new perspective from which to draw characters, for Meredith.

    Plotwise – The first time I read them, the hands at the end of this comic seemed symbolic 🙂 like, people from Park's new life shut him off from Eve. But as I think about it, I think it's comic-hilarity we'll soon get the details about. (Hopefully nothing violent has happened…I don't know.) Symbolism, Humor, Suspense: Octopus Pie.

  3. Oh noes! The Morlocks got him!

  4. Wait, I'm confused…is she running after Park because she's changed her mind about staying, or is she running after him to stop him from being pulled into the party?

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