#334 – the douchebag

22 thoughts on “#334 – the douchebag

  1. He's drinking PBR. I think I love you.

  2. He suffered through a douchectomy, tragic…

  3. haha! shirt comes with the glasses

  4. "the douchebag was in you all along"… I have a new motto to live by….thank you

  5. LOL. Inspiring. I see he retained the tattoo!

  6. Hehe, bikes and unicycles in one story, Portland is getting to you 😛

  7. Aahhaha The PBR is the best part of the whole page.

  8. Aw, Hannah, you should have let him finish his PBR first.

  9. I love the fact that he covers his nipples after his douche shirt disappears.

  10. I love Hannah so much. I want to be her best freind.

  11. =v= Hey, thanks for putting me in your comic strip (lower left-hand panel, pedaling, sneering, and being in visibly good shape).

    1. Wow, the resemblence is striking – so, how'd you place in the race?

  12. Dam Hipster-ism, gets the best of us. brings out the worst of us. and no doubt makes us look like dicks, but also fuggin gay retards too.

  13. Of course he's drinking PBR. He *is* a douchebag, after all.

  14. dat nautical star tat

    you're on the ball here

  15. i love how you portrayed greg's feeling of being naked without the glasses. it cracked me up.

  16. I was going to ask where the hell that WOW! shirt came from…

    …then Panel 3 happened.

  17. *sniffs* so beautiful

    1. Yeah! Someone else catching up with the comics 12 years later! I feel less alone now!

  18. "The douchebag was in you all along"
    Is she admitting the glasses has no effects on her because she is already one… or did she manage to get the glasses' power under control using her superior mental strength?

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