#335 – this constant feeling

9 thoughts on “#335 – this constant feeling

  1. Thank you so much for perfectly summing up how I feel daily.

  2. This is a perfect summary of why comics and literature can go places TV and film can't.

    Most programs, anyhow.

    Look at me, I'm so emo.

  3. I always thought that this shirt that Park's worn a few times looks like a Star Trek Next Gen shirt.

    1. That's what I kept thinking, too!

  4. Poor Eve, this is what it is to be a lady.

  5. Wow. I have felt just like this lately. You're brilliant.

  6. oh lord he looks like Mr. Sulu

    just saying

    1. Ohhhhhh Myyyyyyy!

  7. it's funny how i came across this comic when i feel exactly like Eve.

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