#333 – chocolate milk

10 thoughts on “#333 – chocolate milk

  1. On the bright side, she should only have to pay half the price.

  2. Ohhh….i see what you did there! (person above me)

  3. I'm sure there's a penalty for only returninig half the bike.

    1. Yes, she'll only get half of her deposit back.

      1. At least we know it's not her driver's licence

  4. DELIVERY! I laughed my ass off upon reading panels 2&3. Another successful life lesson/punch line for Meredith! Great storyline!

  5. I like how even Hanna's previously angry-eyed helmet looks more subdued.

  6. Even her helmet looks beat down, lol. At least it wasn't her own bike, might have been worse than when Eve got hers stolen.

  7. Awww her helmet's sad =( Poor helmet

  8. So this is how they multiply.

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