#332 – smash

14 thoughts on “#332 – smash

  1. thats… thats some pretty epic shit right there

  2. he broke her bike in half, what an ass!

  3. with moves like that, this guy could easily fit into the next sreet fighter game.

  4. its official…D-D-D-DOUCHE BAG!!!!

  5. Jeez, he must've taken Improved Sunder when he last leveled up.


  6. You can write "/nerd" all you want, but you can never stop nerd……ever!!!

  7. Octopus Pie, how do I love your surrealism. Let me count the ways. Oh, let me count them.

    1. I see no counting, Bryy. As for me, my love for this comic is, on a scale from 1-unfathomable, unfathomable.

  8. OK, that right there is fucked up. Pretty surealistic, too.

    Also surrealistically pretty.

  9. That's just not cool, dude. 😡

  10. All bicycles must be unicycled, he yelled.

  11. Hanna must have revenge now for her bike…get mad, Hanna, REAL mad! Revenge!

  12. the best fucking page

    1. This page is the fukken shit. (Is that joke too old yet? I don't think it is.)

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