#318 – turn it to cash

7 thoughts on “#318 – turn it to cash

  1. this is how i always feel when i'm walking alone.

    SUPER creeped out.

  2. turn bunnies into cash? I'm in.

  3. wow, my life in 5 panels

  4. oh, those wide eyes. i'm not sure if they let you see better, or imagine more.

  5. I've seen some of the cartoons the students make at SVA. They're crazy awesome.

  6. Proof that I am staying up too late attempting to reread every single comic: I combined the two posters in the last panel into one. I'm now seeing a bunny trying to turn a DWI into cash.
    As amazing as your work is, Meredith, I can apparently only take so much Pie in one night.

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