#317 – i’ll be fine

17 thoughts on “#317 – i’ll be fine

  1. Haha! ive been reading a LOT of manga lately…and read this whole strip right to left. needless to say i was completly confused

    1. Hey, to be fair, it actually does make some kinda sense to read it that way… come to think of it, I'm still puzzled as to why Eve refuses to spend the night at Park's place, and why she was so sour about it. Reading it backwards is, oddly, no less confusing.

      1. Its Eve vs Eve that's why she's sour she can't win either way. If she'd stayed she'd have looked just as annoyed at herself when she had to get up early.

  2. New octopus pie! eeeee I'm so excited.

  3. Time to sit back, drink to my face a delicious morning smoothie, and enjoy the hell out of this. I've f*ckin' earned it!

  4. for some reason the "next" link isn't linking through to the next comic

    1. I'm trying to figure out why it's doing that. In the meantime, the arrows on the left and right should navigate properly.

  5. I can't figure out why Eve's face is the way it is after she finishes talking with Park. Suppose she knows his secret?

    1. How I read it: It's the "if you want" after everything Park said. "You can stay. If you want" and "Yeah! … if you want." Can't he just tell her he wants her to stay, god damn it!?!?!?! … At least that's how I feel when guys give me the "if you want."

      1. Yeah, it is annoying when people are being all polite like that.

    2. I assumed it was because she was frustrated with him for leaving, but loves (?) him at the same time and doesn't want to show it–or maybe I'm just projecting my own past reactions. But it explains her expressions on the next page.

  6. The stubby-looking legs in panel 5 amuse me.

  7. hahaha, what a funny web comic.

  8. you must have tens of thousands of dollar from selling the original art alone!

    1. haha, I wish! Lots of people are enthusiastic about the art, but most of my readers are kind of broke. <:)

  9. holy crap, I completely feel Eve in this one. having to play along with that kind of semi-feigned concern where someone acts like they care but not enough, and feeling especially shitty because it's your boyfriend who's doing it to you. then you just start saying things out of social convention because you feel like an inconvenience. in a relationship that really does feel like the beginning of the end..

  10. dont go away.

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