#316 – hint of soapiness

Thus concludes our beer arc. There are big changes afoot with this website; please read the blog post below!

29 thoughts on “#316 – hint of soapiness

  1. Everything is better with a hint of soap. A life lived better.

  2. Nothing is better than beer made with a whole lotta love. And perogies!

  3. The soapiness is for when the alcohol is too slow to enter the bloodstream.

    1. …and exits the body just as quickly ( soap residue when ingested will cause the runs)

  4. Soapiness? They must have put some cilantro in the beer.

  5. They should market that to the hippies, they need some soapiness

  6. Mmm. As a Pole living in our ancestral fatherland I can tell you that twice reheated pierogi can be quite tasty if only you are able to chew them. It's like trying to chew a rubber ball 🙂

  7. Wahaha! I love this strip. Olly's screaming in panel two reminds me of Park's boss.

  8. oddly enough, this gives me a craving for perogies. and I haven't had those since I was like 12.

    1. Oh, yes, very nostalgic! My next-door neighbor when I was a kid used to make them. I'd come over and eat his food and listen to his bagpipes. He was cool.

  9. That was a quick one :E

  10. Wow, look at Olly now compared to what he used to look like—— http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-07-04/023-stunning

  11. Panel 7 where Will is wiping his mouth is such a natural pose! I love the attention to posture and expression you put in, Mer!

  12. Oh Will, you white knight !

  13. nice pun at the end. I enjoyed it.

    1. its not a pun and it not really a metaphor

      it is what you would get if a pun and a metaphor had babies

      1. Its a nice pun

  14. I don't know if the four panels in the bottom left are more hilarious read horizontally or vertically 🙂

    1. Much funnier read horizontally, IMO 🙂

      Awesome work Merideth! I will patiently look forward to each new Octopus Pie posting

  15. Something tells me Jacob would love to work for Hannah… Heck I'd love to work for Hannah!!

  16. Mmm… pierogies.

    I hadn't heard of them until I moved to Pittsburgh when I was 18. I think I've eaten hundreds of them since then. Eaten, but never drunk…

  17. I just found this comic, but I already love reading it. Keep up the wacky nutty crazy fun.

  18. welp, finished. subscribed to the strip. next issue…or is it update? or updates? what eve it is im MORE than looking forward to it!

  19. No new comics. WEHHUUU

  20. I have a cousin who used to get drunk and eat Limburger cheese, the next day his gas would be deadly… I have a feeling the flatulence following this brew would qualify as an act of bio-terrorism.

  21. I love Marek's face in the last panel. He's my fave 🙂

  22. I love Marek in general. What a great dude. If I don't meet someone like him I'm gonna be very mad. Or maybe I'll try taking up the mantle myself.

  23. "Twice-reheated pirogi with a hint of soap" flavor? Isn't that every beer?

  24. Everyone needs a friend like Marek.

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