#319 – vrrrr

7 thoughts on “#319 – vrrrr

  1. ohhhh!!! the plot thickens!!! whats gonna happen!?!?

  2. love the shading!

    and the alt text ahaha

  3. I think panel five is my favourite panel ever. Forever ever? Forever ever.

  4. this is…beautiful.

  5. I think this page is the best example (so far) of why I like your new approach. It's quality, it moves the story along, but it doesn't have enough punch to stand alone as a standard webcomic post. It's evocative, artistic and characterful, and together with the surrounding pages it forms a long silent interlude that's artfully broken by Hannah's raucous presence. If posted thrice weekly, would mean a week and a half with no dialogue. That's FINE, but it does strain at the tolerance of the webviewing public.

    Pages like this are a good example of things that normal webcomics militate against. Red String is one comic that has low-key, 'unpunchy' pages quite regularly, but it's focussed on characters and relationships and it does this ALL THE TIME, so it makes it work for it. It's altogether less cartoony than most webcomics too (including octopus pie), which reduces the pressure to deliver the goods in every page. Octopus Pie is similarly focussed on the characters, rather than great events, so I think loosening those restrictions promises us readers some great things =)

    I really appreciate how serious you are about working beyond the bounds imposed by the old, standard format. Others have said it and I'll add my unqualified approval: well, well, well done on realising the limits of the N-weekly webcomic format, and breaking out of them.

  6. I will not lie, my first reaction was: Cthulhu.

  7. That little wisp of a shadow. I know that feeling.

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