#315 – stuff u need 2 kno

DYI stands of course for "do yourself in". To this day I've never actually tried a homebrew, so let me know if you did this and it worked, or you got hurt or sick or whatever. Let me know.

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  1. Flammable as grain stew. You don't have any alcohol in there yet even. Still a good idea though since exposing your ferment to air can introduce stuff you don't want, like non-lab grown yeast that might be floating about in the air. I think that flavor packet is the yeast? Added after the wort cools down, so probably.

    Never made beer. Several different types of wine though, like five gallons of "the neighbor's plum tree keeps dropping fruit in our yard" wine, and a gallon of "made this in a bucket in my dorm room using a 2-cup hot pot to boil all the water".

  2. Since you asked, my husband and I have brewed beer at home multiple times successfully. There's no issue with getting it from the bucket to the carboy. We just poured it in with a funnel. Distilling at home, on the other hand, is illegal because of the dangers. We once knew a guy who lost his eyebrows doing it anyway.

    The problem we have is that we always forgotten to do the tests partway through the process that allow us to measure the alcohol content of the beer. Based on how we felt after consuming it, we probably had at least 10% ABV each time.

    We also once had a clog in the airlock on the top of the carboy and had half-finished beer shoot out the top along with, I'm assuming, a projectile airlock, and it was all over the ceiling of our little apartment storage unit. What was still in the carboy was fine. We unclogged the airlock and kept going with a slightly smaller batch.

  3. As a brewer, I can tell you this is going to make cat piss. But this is what you're going for with the story arc, so mission accomplished!

    But for what it's worth, back in pilgrim days it was the wife's job to make beer for the whole family, and the way you do it is take a jar, crumble bread into it, add water, add yeast, add an egg, stir, leave it sit for three days, it will be 'fyne'. We're talking worse than Natty Lite here.

    1. hold my beer, im gonna try this recipe.

  4. I home brew a lot, if you made the wort with the ring pops you are basically making a flavored malt beverage. You can make alcohol with anything that has sugar.

  5. Wait hold the fucking phone. Eve with an actually visible pair of footwear? What kind of madness is this?

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