#316 – hint of soapiness

In moments like this I kinda wanted Eve and Will to be two of those perpetually in-love characters who we never really see go anywhere. The series was always flirting with being episodic, but the bigger story won out. Anyway I still think that's a cute approach.

5 thoughts on “#316 – hint of soapiness

  1. I love Marek.

  2. the way that marek turns that last panel into a "your trash is my treasure" moment never fails to warm my heart. he's such a good soul

    1. And it's a pun on "my pleasure" too!

      1. It’s not a pun, just a play on words.

  3. To me, this tiny "perpetually in love" sequence was a small, perfect, deeply nostalgic moment of time, one to cherish, which is really what Octopus Pie specializes in.

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