#311 – ambiguous times

I like that you can't quite see the stone - you just an ear. It's a little scary here how easily Hanna can be bought.

6 thoughts on “#311 – ambiguous times

  1. we all have our price

  2. I think right now a lot of us would be easily bought by an Obama anything.

  3. Ewww I almost like Park here.

    1. I don't understand the overwhelming hatred for Park. Sure, he can be an asshole, but he's a flawed person just like everyone else in this comic. He just wasn't a good match for Eve, and they both got hurt coming to terms with that.

  4. Oh Park. You could've been a good.

  5. Park is such a great character. We all love to hate him and get so bamboozled when he does anything remotely decent. Everything he does elicits such strong and complicated reactions. Which impresses me cuz he’s pretty much just a normal ass 20 something dude floundering around and making mistakes.

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