#310 – auuugh

Aww man, why did I make a reference to Star Wars in here. That's not even a movie of my generation, but I couldn't resist. Bathing Snowy is an iconic ritual in the series, even though we only saw it here. I gave it a place of distinction on the cover of Octopus Pie Volume 2, when Image reprinted the series in 2016.

6 thoughts on “#310 – auuugh

  1. Snowy is a good boy who unlike most dogs I've had would've taken their momentary distraction as a reason to get out of the tub and run around the house shaking suds everywhere.

  2. Star Wars isn't your generation, but the remastered one definitely is.

  3. I mean the Remastered Edition thing was one of many early clues that our generation was screwed

  4. Well, that line is fire anyways

  5. I’ve never seen Hanna look so much like a girl as in that fourth panel.
    It must be the angle of the light.

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