#309 – why

This is a bit of villainy from Hanna, weaseling out information she doesn't even want to be caught with. I take it as a sign of just how much control she felt she NEEDED to have over the group, to keep them in line but also to protect their sad little souls.

5 thoughts on “#309 – why

  1. When I was doing contract illustration for a software company, the name "Averond Horzenkrieg" might have made it's way into a few tutorial images.

  2. This alt text haunted me for so long because I was worried it might end up applying to Will instead.

  3. "Averond Horzenkreig" made me laugh out loud probably the first three dozen times I read this particular strip.

  4. I love the way Will talks to Snowy here.

  5. This is one of my favorite pages, from Will’s ‘I fukkin love you’ face to Hanna’s interrogation, it always makes me crack up.

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