#305 – i see

Since I'm working to recover both energy and funds from the long trip west, I've put up the entirety of the previous storyline, This Is How I Deal, for sale in the store.

They start at $85, and most are under $100 (save a few double-pagers and detailed ones) These are enormous pages done on bristol board, and as always they are completely one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist. Check out the collection here.

32 thoughts on “#305 – i see

  1. Oh yeah. These are the joys of having dogs and cats living together…pardon the Ghostbusters quote.

    By the way, Welcome to Portland 😀

  2. That's an awful realization to make.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: animals are digusting.

  4. I didn't get it :S

    1. Sometimes dogs, ah, exhibit coprophagia.

      1. See, dogs and cat's both leave certain nutrients behind when they digest. Dogs will often eat their own feces to "recover" what they missed. Cat deposits are higher in these, and thus more attractive.

        1. Or in layman's terms: Dogs are gross.

        2. Rabbits actually do this as well.

  5. America got BURRRNED

  6. It's simple. Hanna tries really hard to give dogs a chance. Snowy, however, shows how misplaced her optimism is by rolling over, wiggling his arse, and then chowing down on cat litter.

    I'm so glad I don't have cats.

  7. Everything you need to know about dogs in eight panels.

  8. That's why nothing but me should be allowed to shit in the house. If either cat or dog wants to start using the toilet, fine with me. But you don't get to scatter some clay pebbles all over your business and then decide it's taken care of.

    1. Hope you don't start thinking about bugs. Guess what ALSO poops everywhere?

      Including DUST MITES. Yah. Try getting those out of your house…

  9. goddam snowy is SO CUTE

  10. Snoopy from Peanuts + Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life = Snowy in panel 1

  11. Her face! Wow, bet expression ever!

  12. hahaha! Me and my cats once lived with a friend who had a very sweet dog. Very sweet, except for the fact that occasionally we'd catch her coming out of the bathroom going *crunch crunch* with a guilty look on her face. Yeah, you better be guilty!! Yuk. But it wasn't my dog. haha!

  13. @ Kami

    One thing I've learnt from reading OP is that awesome expressions are common in this comic, yet they never get old.

  14. What an appropriately brutal introduction to the world of dog.

  15. Now that Hanna's caught the basics, I wonder where it will go from here.

    I wanted to put this out there. I LOVE Octo Pie, but have no idea if I've read them all. Now, I'm pretty stupid, but I can't figure out the archives. I feel like I've read a lot of the storylines, but kind of feel like I'm missing out on something.

    Also, I'd like to see a little bit of where Hanna and Marek came from. It doesn't have to be a whole lot, just maybe a storyline showing a little more about their past and maybe how they met. Anyone else on the same page as me?

    I'd also like to say that I'm loving this storyline right now! I wonder how Eve will act around Snowy, considering she is a "puppy-chaser". 😀

    1. Just click "First Comic" then keep clicking "Next". To learn too much about Hanna would be to ruin it. She's more a force of nature than an ordinary person with a backstory. We're talking about the person who invented freestyle urban skiing here.

  16. Ughh, I need to buy the comic books. Dang child labor laws!!!

  17. You knocking Friends in the alt text Meredith?

  18. Sorry to be commenting so much, but I just read the popup tooltip.


    (wipes tear)

    So true.

  19. not good…not good at all, this violates the order of things

  20. Dogs are completely wonderful in only SOME of the ways that Cats are wonderful. Their cross-over zone involves poop/urine protocols and shedding, plus demands for food & lap time.

    I think our animals are better at keeping us healthy than we are by ourselves… we let our animals down by comparison (see: Pugs and Bulldogs, Persian cats for breathing problems, neglect & abuse of pets).

    If you think cats and dogs are terrible housekeepers, they didn't invent the doors that trap them (HAh, my cat was just yowling outside my office as I typed that) indoors.

    Just a bit of advocacy: INSTEAD OF BUYING, TRY A RESCUED DOG OR CAT.

    I like Hannah's "not a fan" stance with Dogs. Honesty first!

  21. I'm pretty sure that Tintin's Snowy would never eat cat litter.

    1. That is pure supposition supported solely by the complete lack of defecation (and most other bodily functions) portrayed in the Adventures of Tintin.

      I have also noticed that most comic book characters do not go to the bathroom!!! Also see: TV, Movies.


      1. Tintin's Snowy used his bodily functions in a real smart way once. He extinguished a fuse that would have lit up a pack of dynamite sticks. You never saw him doing it but you could see the puddle and the soggy fuse and sticks, and as if that were not enough Tintin explained that his dog had done his best.

  22. Dogs only get worse when you have horses. Horses and cats. Oh lord, the poop eating.

  23. My mom's beagle likes to roll around in stray-cat poop in her yard. We think it might be a scent camouflage so she can stalk said cats. Or maybe it's just fun. Who knows, dogs are weird.

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