#304 – fine swain

I'm back! And what's more exciting, I'm back in a brand new studio in Portland! It's a very charming space. I'll post more on it later as it swiftly comes together. A big thanks to Jason, John, Erika, and Steve for filling in these past 1.3 weeks! Due to the great expense of moving, I'm hoping to roll out some new goods & services later this week. It's possible I will take a few commissions if there is interest.

53 thoughts on “#304 – fine swain

  1. Hey there-

    Just got linked to here from… somewhere… and I spent the last few days after work reading the whole thing. This is an amazing comic!

    1. Same as Kevin, I pretty much told myself "only one more frame" for hours on end. It's a beautiful comic and as soon as I am not living from toast and cheese anymore, I am going to get the proper comic from your "store". Thanks for this, comics like this always remind me that they really are gaphic novels and not just an array of funny pictures.

      1. 'one more frame' is the story of my life!

  2. The pit stains, the hasty retreat–this is Will at his best!

  3. He's smart to stop while he's ahead.

  4. Yo those baguettes are from a dumpster, believe it.

  5. I love Hanna's outfit!

  6. Welcome to Portland!

  7. ahahaha oh Will. You are so not obvious.

    I really, really hope Hannah does not fuck this up. The dog is way,way,way too cute to be hurt/get in danger just because she was egoistical again.

  8. panel 7 is full of funny eyes

    my favorite is Will's OMFG eyes

    the dog is a close second

  9. The dog sounds like a wuss. Snowy. Psht.

    Aaaand Will beats a hasty retreat leaving behind a lot of baguettes filled with GOODNESS KNOWS WHAT…

    1. If Snowy sounds like a wuss, it's because he's old. Old dogs need people's help to chill out every now and then.

  10. Yeeeaaah!:D He was joking!:D

  11. Will's eyes in panel seven! Beautiful!

    1. Also I appreciate Will's greasy flavour markings.

  12. "You need to extend it between three and four feet. Five is WAY too much." Love it!

  13. Primo baguettes hm? Yep, those baguettes get pretty primo I bet. Those the kind with a prize inside? A PRIMO prize?

  14. WELP.


  15. "Doodlecock"

    Heh heh heh heh.

  16. Seems like Portland's the new Brooklyn! My bf suggested we move up there a few weeks ago — mainly for all the bike friendly activism and its general coolness. It's a big craft hotspot too.. hmmmm.

    And I wonder if Will's still with that dreadlock chick… him all sweaty and dirty is not a good sign! 😉 or maybe it is.

  17. I wonder why Will was all sweaty and dirty. And to the above post…I hope not. Anyone else out there big Will x Eve fans? I like Park okay, but not as a boyfriend for Eve.

  18. I just sat my ass down and read this entire series. It rocked so hard. Just throwin' that out there.

  19. hahahahahah WELP. that's my favorite word

  20. Is that a Monty Python reference in the first panel?

  21. Not that I write for the comic or anything, but the way Park is, I always view him as a past phase in Eve's life that she's trying to rekindle out of a sense of comfort but is ultimately doomed to fail for reasons of anachronism. OR…he had his time and its over, LET WILL IN! 😛

  22. just a question, why are dog owners such bitches about how their dogs things should be?

    1. The same reason parents are like that about how their kids things should be.

  23. Congrats on the successful move!

  24. Oh wow. You pulled off Will's abrupt awkwardness and grumpy walk away so well. I wish Will had his own spinoff comic.

  25. If the stains represent flavor, I'd love to know what deodorant Will uses. It looks very flavorful.

    1. Bacon & Chocolate? Savory yet sweet, salty yet smooth.

      1. that sounds disturbingly delicious

        should have eat something for breakfast

        1. Bacon Chocolate pitstick…Disturbingly Delicious!!

  26. I would really like to finally be able to buy book one! But I want to buy all three together and have them shipped somewhere else as a gift so sending books 2 and 3 without 1 is more like an un-present.

  27. I couldn't help but be reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail… 'Five is right out.'

  28. welcome to portland, meredith! i hope you ride a bike and like pbr. just kidding! i saw a sticker on a vw van here the other day that said 'i eat hipsters' or something like that. i thought of you! you should throw a big party celebrating your move! and invite your local readers! yeah.

  29. Panel six. *sob*

  30. i think that #4 was right that the baguettes are from a dumpster hence will's "Flavor" stains and his use of the word "primo". i also think that the next word from his panel 3 sentence was going to be "free".

  31. Exactly how many animals has Will had "as a kid?" Between the Quaker Parakeet and the Great German Doodlecock (?), it sounds like quite a household.

    1. hehe. good memory.

  32. Is it just me or do both Will and Marek look similar from a distance? Perhaps even…unknowingly related?

  33. Will-the-drug-dealer is my favorite character.

    His hasty escape both broke my heart and gave me hope for him and eve…

  34. Hasn't anyone noticed Will's huge frantic looking grin in panel 6… ok ye fair enough it's mostly cut off but from what you can see it's priceless!!

  35. How is no one else not freaked out by this? Hanna just told Park Eve has some kind of thing with Will. OMG

  36. It's interesting that his initial reaction was the best out of all of Eve's friends, but he had to shut it down because of who he was. Jealousy, such a silly thing.

  37. love the grease stains and the dog's stupid face. <3
    it's things like that that make this comic so consistently worth reading.

    as my creative writing teacher used to say, the subtle and way-believable shifts in social dynamics are the back-bone of a good story, but the pit stains are the gristle.

  38. "fine swain?"

  39. Aww, is that some bonding in that last panel? Park is learning to play along!

  40. The day Park actually lands a joke is the day I’ll stop waking up in the morning.

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