#306 – what do you want

Have a great holiday weekend, US Americans! Grillin' and chillin' for all of you. I command it.

42 thoughts on “#306 – what do you want

  1. I don't like what Donovan is implying there.

  2. Please don't make bad things happen to Snowy. It will crush me.

  3. As a dog owner, Snowy is infinitely hilarious. If I had a nickle every time I've seen that face…

  4. He wants food, you silly woman. A dog's needs are simple and obvious. You've got food on the bench. He wants it.

  5. Dogs are easy to handle – cats are trouble!

    1. Yup, half the time you don't know what is it meowing about.

  6. Man that jerk in the third panel is a real jerk. God, what a jerk.

  7. Donovan is like the biggest jerkass ever. He does not deserve to be wearing a Dirty Projectors t-shirt.

    1. Hahahaha I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing! I'm glad I read yours and didn't DP that.

    2. douche or not, at least he has good taste..


  9. Who dares speak ill of Donavon, the greatest character in the history of Octopus Pie?

  10. this looks so much like a looney tunes(toons?) cartoon

    love it!

    1. I was thinking the same about panel six 😛

  11. That dog wants more CAT POOP.

    You know this is true.

    Quick, get the cat!

  12. He's not humping your leg, Hanna, m'dear, so that leaves food, walkies, or fun'ngames – go find him a stick or a ball to fetch. Dogs are easy – MEN are hard!

    1. Well.. if stereotypes ring true, just change 'walkies' to sporting events and it's the same principle

      1. Truth. Men are not difficult at all; WOMEN are difficult. 😉

  13. Is Marek writing a book? 8,500 words is a big chapter. And he sounds like he's speaking from a good zone.

    1. Really… what is Marek writing? Could he be giving in to his secret nerd and blogging about metaphysics?

      1. heck no, he's writing a paper, on, uh, the american revolution

  14. If Snowy is bothering her, he must need to eat, poop or play. If he needed to sleep, then he'd just do it. But dogs have only 4 real needs and taking him for a walk can satisfy 2 at once. Boo-yah! Give the dog to me, I know all!

  15. Awww, the dog's so happy that Hannah's giving it attention.

  16. She's so cute when her face is all mashed up on the doggie. 🙂 this made my day…

  17. Hannah seems to be turning into Eve.

  18. Haahahahaha Snowy's face when Hanna shoves hers into his is exactly like my boyfriend's dog looks all the time. "omg-people-hey-I'm-so-happy-to-see-you-I'm-going-to-sit-on-your-foot…"

  19. I think there is something wrong with me. This comic makes me WANT a dog. Its big stupid face is just so happy!

  20. I wish my dog were that simple – food, play, open that door for me, I can't reach that and I want it, I am overexcited about a car ride…guhh, my Border Collie can bark and whine about anything.

  21. isnt that all dog's mission statement?

  22. Snowy is SO cute, and looks younger here. Or maybe just happier. Also, I agree with the Donovan thing.

  23. Every time I read the last four panels, I chuckle out loud to myself. I've probably read it six or seven times now, and it still makes me laugh.

  24. This is me and my cat, like every day. "WHAT. WHAT IS IT." "Meooooooooooow."

  25. I love the background of panel 4. That's what my apartment looks like everytime I leave my dog unattended in the living room.

  26. Snowy's face in panel five makes me laugh every time.

    He looks an Hannah as if to say, "Hello, I love you, yes I do."

  27. I like the dog more than I like Hanna.

    There, I said it.

  28. This comic features some of the greatest facial expressions of all time. Panel 5 makes me laugh every time I see it.

  29. I really love the way Snowy is drawn in this.

  30. Dirty Projectors fits that guy so well

  31. panel 7 is pretty much the greatest thing ever IMO

  32. Bitte Fucking Orca. I love this comic sooo much.

  33. Daang, I've been writing nonstop all month and I've only made 2000 words. Maybe I should stop reading comics while I write.

  34. Does a hand chop between the eyes work with humans? Because I'd like to try it on Donovan…

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