#271 – you never do

21 thoughts on “#271 – you never do

  1. "Staple-gunned Through the Heart" – Great title on the mouse-over.

  2. *ka-chunk!* *ka-chunk!*…ahhhhhh…. 🙂

  3. The facial expressions are so good

  4. Aww poor Julie

  5. D:

  6. Poor Jules. Still hopin' and wishin' and prayin'.

  7. Nice raised pinky on the cig light. Maybe THATS why hes not interested in the Julie.

  8. Hey, it's the Fukken Shit dog!

  9. Uh… irrelevant curiosity: what are lampposts/streetsigns made of in this place? Can they really be "ka-chunked"?

    1. Most power lines are held up on wooden supports so ka-chunking is probable. Notice that Julie is using tape to put them up on the sign post which is metal.

  10. How OLD is she? Julie looks like she's in her early thirties…

    1. Not…really…

    2. She's a college student. 20 or 21.

  11. HE'S SUCH AN ASS >=(

    1. You always get so bothered by characters. Meh, he's not an ass, he's just… worthless. The trouble is Jules can't see it.

  12. d'aww. she is bitter.

  13. And Meredith's to blame. I swear, she gives love a bad name.

    1. She's certainly proficient with shots through the heart, heh. 😛

  14. overtime work without overtime pay? BUT THAT'S ILLEGAL!

  15. Awww yess I was hoping those random parody strips earlier would turn out to be canon.

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