#272 – use a coupon

Back to comics! It feels great. Please bear with me, I'll be in transit for a few days. On Friday I'm flying out to the UK Comix Thing in London! If you're gonna be there, I'm gonna see you! More news will be bloggin' Friday.

31 thoughts on “#272 – use a coupon

  1. OMG! I literally jumped up from my seat and cheered "Hell the f*ck yeah, Mor!" when I read the last panel. Probably not a good idea to do at work :p

    The graffiti font is an awesome touch.

  2. I like the putting on of the cool-guy shades mid burn.

  3. My God. This comic rocked me to my very core.

  4. If only they were the Scolari brothers! I could have made a Ghostbusters reference.

    Love it.

  5. Wow.. a David Caruso moment.

    That's how you know this is going to be good!

  6. I can't believe I just sat here and read 272 strips today.

    Guess I like it or something.



  9. Whoa. Mor is like a badass or something, but with geekery. Geekass?

    1. Yes. Yes he is.

  10. Whether Mor is a geek or not is independent of how bad ass he is right now.

  11. Loved how tiny Eve and Mor look in the first panel. I did a double take, even – it's a nice touch, as they're looking back to that time/size for so many reasons…

    Safe travels,


  12. Great page. Loved the fourth panel.

  13. That last panel would make an awesome shirt. ^_^

  14. Pretty much a genius catch phrase!

  15. Cool, i wonder if those guys have managed to re-draw the whole daicon animation since last year? hmmm..

    Woot! time to catch up on my Octopus pie books. 'CHA – CHING!' ^_^

  16. seriously excellent….i'm going to start using that catch phrase immediately.

  17. I vaguely recall reading a bit of this a few months ago. Yesterday I was bored and following twitter reply chains, leading to YOU.

    I love how you apply your style of drawing to your pretty fine stories. So far one of my favorites and really a candidate for print-buying: Election edition.

  18. "Use a coupon."


    1. Dude, just the other day they did this on xkcd! Sunglasses are going viral.

      Now I have to carry around a pair just so I can do that whenever I think of a horrible pun (all the time.)


  20. "If you Can't Take the Price….


  21. Absolutely brilliant.

  22. that graffiti script oh my lord

  23. I loooove when liars get caught. I absolutely loathe liars.

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