#270 – fruitopia

I took a chance and drew today's comic on vellum bristol board as opposed to the smooth bristol I usually use. It was pretty different from what I'm used to, but I like it! In time I think it will become my new favorite. Speaking of which, a lot of people have asked me lately if the comic has gone back to digital. It hasn't! I do "pencil" each page on the computer, but I print them out for paper inking over a lightbox. It's really not as round-about as it sounds, and I've grown fairly efficient with it. When things aren't so crazy I'll try and write up a new tutorial on the process.

28 thoughts on “#270 – fruitopia

  1. Haha, that was a great line in Venture Bros.

    "Thanks for the Fruitopia. I haven't had one of those in years!"

    1. DEAR LORD, i bow to you. i'm watching my season 3 dvd now because i couldn't figure that one out, and i consider myself a venture brothers buff. (bows and then continues watching)

  2. Haha it’s freezing on the West coast as well, we got a snow storm and rain storm all day, could hear the wind whislting nastily through our door all day.

  3. Fuck Mer, are you trying to kill me? Referencing Fruitopia (a drink that hasn’t gone extinct in Canada yet) and Venture Bros in one comic. HEART <3.

  4. Eve, like all big sisters, go 180 from tormenting their little brothers, to sickeningly sweet once he gets big enough to defend himself and forever ruin any hope of retribution.

  5. Ah Fruitopia, the love of my youth.

  6. Ewtopia? When you feel like Snapple has sold out.
    Fruitopia – like different flavours* of that orange dyed fountain drink McDonald’s used to give away.
    I guess it would be too much to ask for Eve pushing that “cart” up a super-long flight of steps (to follow with a victory cry)?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought…

    *oops, I is Canadian

  7. Why did Eve have to cobble together her own shopping cart? Are there no stolen/abandoned shopping carts in Brooklyn?

  8. eve is the unabomber.

  9. Fruitopia's carbonated? does that mean I've only ever had flat fruitopia? or is the definition of soft drink broader than carbonated beverage?

  10. aw shucks! I haven’t had a fruitopia since junior high!
    raspberry psychic lemonade was my favorite.

  11. frutopia…now there's a throwback. It was beautiful up here in VT today, sun was hot hot HOT, just like this comic! *thumbs-up pose*

  12. Soft drinks have no alcohol. It’s a broad category.

    If Fruitopia _was_ carbonated, I’d have another reason to avoid it.
    Snarkaholism – it ain’t pretty.

    Eve is the Unabomber – let’s not make that into a poster campaign, especially in Boston!

  13. Ha. Panel one- I did that today. Luckily, the sun did come out.

  14. I actually had Fruitopia today at a Subway. Boy was it good.

  15. This is kinda weird, but I think I'm starting to get a crush on Mor

  16. I love Hanna sometimes. Her empty threats against nature simply for her selfish gain simply rule.

  17. Not adopting him anymore?

    Does this mean they were considering it?

    Daaang then they all could have been one happy family~

  18. Dude, the FAQ isn’t there anymore. *goes to recheck*

  19. "That's how it was decided when we were kids."

    Lord, I've said that myself so many times. Haha!

  20. Holy crap! Fruitopia was my favorite drink in the 90's! I was wondering what had happened to it…

  21. Oh wait! Happy joy I just remembered! If you're willing to put up with the food, McDonald's soft drink machines still serve Strawberry Passion Awareness (Only under the moniker Minute Maid rather than Fruitopia)

  22. I LOOOOOVE the raspberry kiwi fruitopia and consume it on a semi-regular basis. God bless Canada!

  23. "At some point, Everyone on the east coast has jumped the gun on t-shirt weather"

    Not anyone in Florida, my friend. Not anyone in Florida.

  24. Man, I've done that… a few times. Mostly for gym class.

    Also- Florida? I didn't know it was considered east coast… I thought it was just… Florida.

  25. And I thought I was the only one nerdy enough to know a Venture Brothers production code number lmao. I also love Eve's makeshift grocery cart.

  26. we now have fruitopia on fountain at work (in canada). sickley sweet syrup water, not the beverage i remember from 15 years ago

  27. Two great references in a great strip. Totally hit me off guard with the Venture Brothers reference; I actually remember the line where Sergeant Hatred says "Thanks for the Fruitopia, I haven't had one of these in years!"

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