#269 – still a minor

Happy Friday! One week and counting 'til Webcomics Weekend! Run run run run.

30 thoughts on “#269 – still a minor

  1. Oh, man. I can imagine so many ways this could go wrong. I can't wait.

    1. michelle4jerusalem

      yes, yes, and yes! ning's saved this jerk time & time again, but what if one time things went horribly wrong, yet somehow oh-so-right? she's too smart to work for ollie her whole life anyway. and yeah, mor is growing on me too! excellent sibling fun – bet hannah and marek up loving mor too!

  2. Great storytelling skills.

  3. The power of the blueberry muffin compels you! 😉

  4. I think Mor is now my favorite secondary character. His expressions are priceless.

    1. And he has a pretty awesome chin scruff.

  5. I am LOVING this storyline!!

  6. I never imagined Eve could look sweet, she looks so damn cute in this strip, love her.

    And I´m guessing this will go real nice, since it´s their childhood dream and all.

    Greetings from Mexico ^o^

  7. My compliments on yet another beautifully crafted page.

    Mer, am I imagining that Olly is essentially a very burned-out image of Mor (or rather, that Mor is a fresher image of Olly)?

    Despite Scott's misgivings, surely this can't go as badly as the Rooftop skate-jump. Unless there's bad peanut butter in the bulk section…

    1. yeah what could possibly go wrong? the line that always preceeds everything going horribly wrong

  8. Good one. Love the second to last panel.

  9. Who copped off Eve's legs D:

  10. This is going to be very excellent.

  11. I like the dirty look Mor gives Eve in panel 5.

  12. So remember…

    when you're in the supermarket and you hear that *beep*

    you could be the next contestant on:


  13. johnny rosin up yer bow and play yer fiddle hard…

  14. *content sigh* I love this comic. Meredith, you're my favorite.

  15. This storyline makes me smile. I can't wait to see it unfold.

  16. hehe, is that a "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" reference on the last penal? is so then this comic is more amazing then I thought!

  17. I love how the last two panels played out. It makes everything so much more ridiculous. 🙂

  18. Nostalgia factor?

    Hell yes!

  19. "Not Without My Vitamin Water" – love it!

  20. So, if contestants are to keep the goods, and they are the home team, and they do so fantastic, they will obviously out-do the competition thus living their dream but leaving the store or more likely themselves with a good chunk of the unwanted products. Will it turn out this way? I'm hoping to be proven wrong.

  21. I can feel the heat coming off of Mor's face as he "evil eyes" Eve. Hillarious!

  22. Any one who is brilliant enough to thread together an entire storyline centering on Super Market Sweep desires mass amounts of adulation.

  23. For some odd reason, when I saw Otto in the 2nd and 3rd panels, I thought his nose was his mouth…He was all like :3 and I was all like :O

    1. Oh Shiz-nit, I meant Olly….

  24. God, I love this comic. I think I just love older-sister-younger-brother dynamics (although I am biased for a reason 😛 ).

  25. Mor seems to be missing his eyebrows in the first panel.

  26. Aw, this tugs at my heart strings for some reason…

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