#240 – some invitation

This story was formatted in PINK because it's about Valentine's Day! It's funny to me that Hanna is a fancy girl who needs her eyes covered while she sleeps. It's also funny imagining an adult sized shirt that says "I'm Grandma's Payback!". As a new mom I will never subject my child to words on a shirt.

8 thoughts on “#240 – some invitation

  1. I admittedly plan to never have kids, but as an adult who has been in the workforce for a few years now, I literally can't imagine wearing shirts that aren't themed or funny. Even though half of my co-workers dress like boring people, I can't imagine subjecting myself to it.

  2. Does that mean you force them to have words on a shirt or you'll force them the opposite? Please answer me I have a crippling inability to see things other way than as an affirmative or a negative.

  3. Ah, Science Friday, the radio show that outlived the talk show it was created from.

  4. Maybe there's too much light coming in that window and it's not so much poshness as it is practicality. Marek's bangs are a built in sleep mask, so he doesn't need one.

  5. Also, 5,297th time Manuel has been batted off the counter.

  6. Ahh, nice to not feel bad about thinking Park is a dick again. 🙂

  7. I Often have this problem with Hanna where, when her mouth is closed, her face looks like a small open birds beak. Sometimes, it's all I can see, and I think this comic is the epitome of that.

    This isn't a critique or anything, I jsut wondered if anyone else had this issue?

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