#241 – time-lapse feature

This is one of the few times ever we see Hanna and Marek engaging in any sort of philosophical discussion. But it pertains to their relationship so I'll allow it.

3 thoughts on “#241 – time-lapse feature

  1. wow, they both got very Richard Linklater there

  2. I feel like Park just did some stupid stuff and came off a really bad guy but so many overlook Marek … He pulled one of the douchiest moves ever. Graduated and straight dropped Hannah like a bag of bad flour.

    I disliked Marek after that. :/

    1. i know this comment is 5 years old but im not even sure if thats a good way to describe what happened. like they both wanted different things and it was a seemingly mutual decision. its not like he just ghosted her, i think?

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