#239 – chutzpah

Okay this is boring. Haha. I think this was meant as a greater commentary on the characters' bad habits and their ability to make any progress. At this point we had not seen much. Eve returns from this trip a bit scarred, a bit smarter. I wish I'd had more to do with Lajvati and Eve's brother in general. This thread kind of trailed off into nothing, but you gotta let go sometimes. Was their future crucial to the story Octopus Pie became? For me it did not, and that's just how it is.

17 thoughts on “#239 – chutzpah

  1. Okay, I've been *really* curious for several days now – any particular reason why commenting was disabled for the last half dozen or so strips?

    1. Maybe it was trolls.

      1. Is that a sick Dylan Thomas reference?

        1. You know it!

          Actually it's a multi-pronged reference to Homestuck, Miller's Crossing, and uh, those dastardly internet trolls. And I guess maybe Dylan Thomas too…?

    2. I assume it was the shitty, entitled complaining that the newsposts were from the original run–the "Is this the new normal" etc. Hopefully those folks can keep quiet going forward.

      1. I think "Is this the new normal?" was a legitimate question! And possibly the answer now is the same as it was then: The temporary change was an accident.

        1. To be honest, the comments piling up seemed a little crappy!

      2. Oh no, I didn\’t realize they were disabled! Probably because I disabled comments on the original posts. -__-;; I\’ll unlock them!

        1. ahhh! Makes sense 🙂 Thanks for turning them back on!

      3. That's me you're looking for. Calling my comment shitty is a little much, don't you think? That hurts my feeling a little. Anyway let's all hug and shake hands

        p.s. if you didn't notice I already apologized for being impatient

        1. It's weird to me that you'd have an attitude about something you get for free, put grief out in the world, and then get hurt when someone else recognizes what you did was shitty. Is it too much? That's not for me to judge; I just have my own reactions to things, not a second set of eyes to evaluate it from a neutral position. From my position, in this space, yes, it was shitty and it was unwarranted.

          I'm glad you apologized, of course, but it's not really relevant to me. I hope the community can hold back on impatience going forward and just appreciate this wonderful free comic and the time and love that has been lavished on it.

          As to shaking hands and hugging: I have no beef with you, and wasn't "looking for you" in any way, though I seem to have summoned you. Perhaps I bear some responsibility for your hurt feelings, in which case, I apologize, and assure you that I hold no personal animosity toward you.

        2. My goal here, as always, is to promote love and positivity. I am not infallible. I'll leave it at that.

  2. Time for kitty farts

    1. Man, farts if you're LUCKY.

  3. I think this is the first demonstration of Manuel's long habit of snubbing Eve's affection for her friends + the occasional couchsurfing drifter.

  4. So enjoying re reading this with the new commentary!

  5. Like that Hanna says “chutzpah” when she means “mitzvah”!

    P.S. I wish the login for comments worked on mobile. 🙁

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