#200 – i like my coffee…

Man, Eve really should've been following up on that drunk phonecall in the final panel. What a missed opportunity. I'm not even gonna talk about "keet speak". Horrible.

4 thoughts on “#200 – i like my coffee…

  1. Eves line was my favourite of the comic, so I am glad you didn’t change it.

  2. I like my coffee the way i like my life.

    I hate coffee

    1. Whoa carefull you could cut yourself on that edge!

  3. I like my coffee the way I like my women, brewed cold and mixed with cream soda. . .okay, it's not a perfect metaphor. But it's a coffee that does half of the things it does opposite from what you expect coffee to do (being cold instead of hot), is overly convoluted and unpopular, takes at least fifty times longer to prepare than any other way, and tastes more like birthday cake than coffee, and it's made up of few moving parts and can effortlessly be endlessly varied. (I made it with red bull instead of water once, for science.) And in that way, it probably perfectly describes my ideal partner.

    Also, reaching way too far to make that metaphor work also probably perfectly describes our relationship.

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