#201 – the big time

I love that this line up for October! A fall story awaits. Amazingly, both Masa and Pommes Frites still exist. A fire tried to take the latter from us a few years back, but they rebuilt. Broke french fry dreams forever.

6 thoughts on “#201 – the big time

  1. So, I feel like Park genuinely wanted something better for Eve, but it ended up manifesting into something that was more selfishly about her plans not lining up with his. Life is complex, I guess.

    1. During my first read-through, this was 100% how I interpreted Park’s feelings on this page. Now, I get “moving along in life at different paces, but somehow matching up at a point in time” vibes

  2. Is he grabbing his jacket in order to run away?

  3. I love the way you drew Eve’s face in the panels of this strip. She’s being herself, confident or at least acting it well, excited about where she is, not trying for soooomebody’s approval, but also seeing a future with Park in it.

    I’ve read the whole story a couple times. It has held up so well.

  4. Those two panels of Eve describing Ollyween/Park's incredulous reaction were always some of my favorites

  5. Eve is handling being talked down to about her employment by a date far better than I ever have.

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