#199 – love comics #4

People have asked if this comic is canon, and it totally is. Jacob's "no regrets" tattoo can be seen at least one more time over the course of the comic. And yeah, Julie got the short end of this hookup. I was also very into Dusty Springfield at the time - her big singles - and thought the messages were very old-timey and silly. I obviously hadn't explored her full body of work at the time. It's easier to feel superior in this world when you've never heard Dusty in Memphis.

3 thoughts on “#199 – love comics #4

  1. To preface– of course Jackie's fictional and you can't hurt her feelings, but our fictions do inform reality.

    Many trans people find any use of their pre-transition names to be disrespectful, even when referring to events from before they transitioned. Some are fine with it; we're not all of one mind.

    For clarity's sake, I see an argument for using her deadname in the commentary. Still, something to consider.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering about this. As you say they\’re a fictional character, so I\’m kind of at a loss how anyone approaches it. I appreciate your thoughts!

  2. Ah my favorite gag, reusing panels.

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