#124 – the hipster code

10 thoughts on “#124 – the hipster code

  1. Bwahahah! I love Eve so much!

  2. I actually didn't notice the giraffe until panel 5 of this comic…

  3. No More Ms. Nice Dyk

    "I suffer for your LOL's!"



    1. nice. i cannot beat that ironocity. (is that a word(no))

  4. Nothing ever hides that we’re boring, miserable people.
    Gettafakarahear girl.

  5. Dammit all, I'M BOB. >.<

    1. My friend, we are all Bob. -.-

  6. This is such a good idea, why did I never think of it?!

  7. I think that third panel is KC Green.

  8. The giraffe in the room

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