#123 – velvet undergrads

13 thoughts on “#123 – velvet undergrads

  1. Me too, guy with an afro!

    1. Sage-like voice of r

      That, my friend, is a Jew-fro. It's when the crazy Jewish curl goes out of control and takes over the head.

      -That's no fro. It's a space station –

  2. I think we are all forgetting how there is a GIRAFFE. A GIRAFFE. According to my mathematics, Giraffe > Bird > 'Fro

    1. Throw a Zombie in that equation and you got yourself some tasty Math.

  3. I like Yawney’s math. Can you please become a teacher? I wouldn’t mind taking that class, I would use it in real life more than Statistics.

  4. Is that an ironic giraffe?

    1. i think it's the anti-irony sleepy giraffe

  5. I was going to leave a comment about my love for this page, but then my comment felt comically threatened by everyone else's funnier comments.

    1. I feel you. Hell, all I could do was get up the courage to agree with you.

  6. HOLY FRICK, THAT -IS- A GIRAFFE- where was I?!

    Also, poor Eve- only being noticed/ loved because of her bird.

  7. Velvet Underground reference ftw

  8. “I am literally seething with rage”

    Man that is cruel even by setting-up-joke standards. I love it.

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